Saturday, 28 December 2013

Polished Marvels Review of 2013 Part IV: best new nail polish brand

This is already the last of my wrap-up posts for 2013! So far I did best of this and that covering:

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Referring to Part I of my wrap-up this post is about one new brand of nail polish that in my eyes is a success in every aspect starting from color to "special effects" to formula, not to mention that my favorite nail polish 2013 was created by HER…….. I am talking about Colors by Llarowe here. The polish brand created by Leah Ann the master mind behind Llarowe. But I have been babbling plenty in my individual posts about formula, etc and will do a lot of that in future too, so let's just look at some gems Leah Ann created for us (except All Bidness that I showed yesterday already).

Little Red Corvette

The Devil Wears Polish

Dora the Explora aka Cherry Bomb

Sparkles are a Girl's best Friend

Billy Jean


Dirty Diana

Tank Top and Flip Flops

Purple Rain

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Paradise Found (I hope I got the name right, my bottle lost its label)

That's a fact, Jack

Unknown Galaxy

Oh Christmas Tree

I haven't posted about all of them, some were just NOTD's I took pictures of. The formulas vary still quite a bit, but while I am unforgiving and picky with so many other brands, Leah Ann sort of gets "carte blanche" by me and so far some drops of thinner have solved ANY of my issues. Talking holo formula, it is an entirely different story - the formula of ANY CbL holo I tried so far was superb. The formula of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and its siblings are a tad thickish and may act gluey but I take that anytime over runny and messy, it makes the polish easy to control and if applied lightly provides an even coverage. There you go, I went into talking formula anyhow.

So, that is my complete review of 2013 nail polish wise. For the records, I thought you might wonder which were YOUR favorite posts here over at Polished Marvels. Well, three out of the five rank among my favorites too. Those being

Cirque Coronation
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Colors by Llarowe Oh Christmas Tree
Opi The Man with The Golden Gun link
Ozotic Mr. Big White (a brand that will vanish from the surface of Earth soon) link

To be very honest with you, my Skittelettes get the most attention and I clearly see here a call to come back with those on a weekly or at least bi-weekly basis. Your two favorites were:

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I hope you enjoyed ogling and reading my reviews as much as I enjoyed composing them.

Have a wonderful Saturday - thanks for dropping by - CHEERS!!!!


  1. Oh wow, so many gorgeousness all at once, I don't know where to look first :-D Sparkles are a Girl's best Friend looks stunning, but then again so do maaaany others here.

    1. Hi Melissa, hahaha, that is exactly my dilemma with this brand too - Leah Ann's creativity floors me collection after collection.

  2. Great way to wrap up the year! I am glad you added your highest viewed posts...that is so interesting to me. And I'm going to break down and order some CbL one day...I'm just SO not big on the whole launch thing...

    1. My dear Melissa - thank you so much <3! I am glad you like my take on reviewing 2013 - and I was amazed too to see what was mostly favored by my readers. As for the CbLs what can I say as a convert? No neutral statement possible but go Melissa, go ;-)

  3. Purple Rain is amazing!!! Of course your skittlettes get the most attention, you do such a great job with them. I love the unique combinations you come up with. You are an inspiration to me and many others!

    1. Thank you dear Essie <3!!! I am incredibly touched that I can inspire you and others with my ideas - flushing brightly here ;-). I long for the longer days that I will have the light needed to do some swatches AND Skittelettes. Right now, we only have so few hours of reasonable light, that I am glad to assemble pictures for four to five posts….. *hugs*

    2. Yes, I remember the struggles when it came to photographing in the winter:( You do such a great job - I can't tell!