Friday, 27 December 2013

Dance Legend 604

On one hand I am gathering my favorites of 2013, on the other hand I am testing what I could possibly slap on my nails for New Years Eve (never a dull moment, eh?). Haphazardly I stumbled over Dance Legend Dark Effect Toppers over at Ninja Polish and out of frustration to not have snatched one single meek bottle of the multi chromes, I took a head dive into the effect Top Coats especially created to be worn over dark base colors (now that bit was not really difficult to guess, right?).

Dance Legend 604 is a flakie bomb. I truly never owned a flakie Top Coat so densely filled as this number. You will mainly see magenta colored flakies but they are multi-chrome shifting in all colors of the rainbow when turning and twisting your hands. Before going nutsy with zillions of various dark base colors I wanted to play it easy and save and worn it over A England Camelot (THE black cream in my stash).

the above pictures are taken indoors in day and artificial light, the below photos outside in the shade

 and look at this awesomeness under water - I think I am fainting….

I applied one coat of Dance Legend 604 over two coats of A England Camelot. Now here we have a perfect formula for an Effect Top Coat, thin though not runny, perfect to control and distributes evenly on the nails. Oh and yes, the dry time is quick as well. It dries a tad dull on the nail, one layer of shiny or matte Top Coat will complete the mani. (My guess is that the under water photos giving an impression what Dance Legend 604 would look with matte Top Coat which I of course forgot to slap on - ugh!)

The base of Dance Legend 604 got a purplish tint and it is NOT intended to be worn on its own or over light or bright colors - after all it is a Top Coat for DARK polishes. And I certainly would suggest to go with a plain cream, I cannot imagine any glitter or shimmer would be visible through the density of those flakes.

Final thoughts: Dance Legend 604 is simply WOAWZERS, I still gasp for oxygen, I never expected THIS amount of flakies and THIS range of rainbow colors - this clearly is a hot candidate for my New Years Eve.

I ordered Dance Legend 604 with Ninja Polish.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for dropping by :-)


  1. Now this is pure magic in a bottle, truly ♥ Each and every shot you've taken is amazing! It's like polish serendipity that this one ended up in your stash rather than another duochrome (not that there's ever anything wrong with that, EVER, lolol). It is indeed a perfectly gorgeous, flashy little number to ring in the new year with. Hugs, sis, and I'm so glad you've had such a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Oh thank you sis xxx! I agree it was polish serendipity that made me choose those Toppers rather than another set of duo-chromes, and I would have NEVER got hold of them, much less known of them if not for my fail in snatching the multi-chromes - lucky me :-D! Let's see, I have another one up my sleeve that goes all the way from flashy to blingy from this line…. Hugs to you too and from what I have seen on IG, you had a wonderful Holiday season too - I love the photo with all your family laughing (and probably shouting at the top of your lungs) - just wonderful. And this is what Christmas means to me - we have ample time to dwell and worry about troublesome things in our lives. I firmly believe in making an effort to "dress-up" the Holidays with joy and laughter - let's save the worries for other days…. I am so glad to have you in my life - thank you for everything <3

  2. Your photos captured this perfectly! I just love the natural gradient look this has...without the effort!

    1. Thank you Essie - mind you, I would never ever achieve a gradient like this if I intend to force it. Those Dance Legends are simply amazing!!!