Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Picture Polish Ultra Violence

Picture Polish Ultra Violence is the second collaboration post I got from Pshiiit Boutique. Ultra Violence was created in collaboration with the Lab Muffin. It has a bright purple metallic base filled with magenta shimmer and mostly red and purple gleaming small holo glitters.

Now I cannot resist exlaiming: But honestly - what about that name? Ultra Violence? With all due respect - I find this name gross.

and in artificial light:

I applied two easy coats of Picture Polish Ultra Violence over Essence Hardening Nail Base. The consistency is so easy and creamy to work with - simply a dream. I expected some bumps and streaks but nada - the polish goes on like a cream!!! Two coats is all you need to achieve an opaque twinkly result. The dry time is decently quick and the surface of the nails SMOOTH!!! Any further wishes out there? Truth being said, I think this will not happen with this polish - it is just a perfect creation (with the exception of the name in my eyes).

Final result: A stunner - wouldn't you agree? This year Picture Polish spoiled us with some unique purples - I think Shy Violet, Imperial here and Ultra Violence goes smack right along with the other twos!!!

I ordered Picture Polish Ultra Violence with Pshiiit Boutique.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for dropping by!!!


  1. So something morbid in me wants to watch A Clockwork Orange again... I don't remember if I made it all the way through the first time. Malcolm McDowell is just sooooo creeeeepy!!!
    And the polish-- I'm beginning to think that purple is Picture Polish's forte. This one is fabulous, I love the opalescence. And of course you wear it beautifully <3

  2. Hi sweetie! What a gorgeous purple gem you show us, who could resist such a lovely purple. The glitter certainly makes it unique.
    I agree with you, this name turns me off a little. I hate violence, what's with these names?
    Have a wonderful day, ma biche, kiss kiss