Sunday, 8 December 2013

Picture Polish Love

And another Picture Polish shade for ya!!! Love is a red coral hybrid crelly (well what other color should a polish named "Love" have?).

the pictures above are taken indoors in daylight, the photo below outside in the shade

in artificial light:

I applied two coats of Picture Polish Love over Essence Hardening Nail Base. The formula is - as a true crelly is supposed to be - not very pigmented and on the thin side. However, I had no issues with application and while you will still have some VNL at two coats, I prefer the translucent squishiness of it a lot more than the nearly opaque three coats. The red coral is so vibrant that it has enough "punch" to go at two coats and look delightfully bright and happy.

Final thoughts: There is always space in my stash for such a beautiful, juicy, bright red-coral hybrid!!! It will take me throughout the year and any occasion - oh and just look at the shininess of Love - this is WITHOUT Top Coat!!! Amazeballs, no?

I ordered Picture Polish Love with Pshiiit Boutique.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for dropping by :-)


  1. Oh, Christine! how glossy! I love this coral red. It really suits you very well :)
    I have a similar formula (perfect crelly) red but is a red that leans slightly to orange, this one is much more blue based, that makes it more chic to my eye :)
    Hope you're doing fine, bisous ma biche xxx

  2. This is a polish I'll have to get! The shine! The shade! Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful <3 It reminds me very much of one of my favorite recent acquisitions, China Flower. Amazing, how shiny Love is without tc. And the name does for the color perfectly, lush, bright, beautiful.