Monday, 9 December 2013

Manhattan Lotus Effect No 10C

Oh I tell you my dear readers, last week were two of my hardest working days of the year - but then those two days repeat themselves annually so, I was prepared, still, by Tuesday evening I was totally, maximally knackered and dragged myself home tiredly. All of this disappeared into nothingness when I opened my mailbox and found a golden gleaming parcel twinkling at me!!! By now I do know the handwriting of my dear Blogger friend Nati from The Polished Polyglot. Nati is always one big inspiration for me - be it because of her intricate and creative manis, be it for her very useful tips on make-up products.

This early Christmas present didn't hold only beautiful polishes which I will present you this week but an awesome exfoliating soap smelling heavenly of Vanilla from Bodyshop and some "ammunition" to feed on swatching marathons (read chocolate hearts). OK so now on to the first of the three beauties that Nati spoiled me with: Manhattan Lotus Effect No 10C. This is a glitter bomb in a clear base in red and purple. The glitters are small and the clear base is juiced with tons of lilac shimmer. Wearing it on its own it will remain sheer though and after two coats I declared defeat and started hunting my stash for the perfect base color and ended with Picture Polish Wisteria. Are you ready for some pretty sparkle?

I applied one coat of Manhattan Lotus Effect No 10 C over two coats of Picture Polish Wisteria. No 10C has a wonderful formula and spreads evenly and nicely on the nails. It dries quickly to a quite gritty finish. But since the glitter is so small, you get a totally smooth surface by applying only one coat of your regular Top Coat. In the picture taken in the sun, you can see how the lilac shimmer shines as perfect background to the glitter.

I choose Picture Polish Wisteria as base color - just for reference here a picture of it on its own:

Final thoughts: Isn't Manhattan Lotus Effect No 10C not a wonderfully fun and girly glitter? Nati, thank you so much - I wouldn't know where to get Manhattan here so that's a real special treat!!!

Looking forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Yay for friends who cheer you up! Hope your work gets a little easier soon. <3
    Love this polish... the colors in there are so fun and it looks fab over the purple base! :)

    ~ Yun

  2. Such a gorgeous combo! The two polishes are just perfect together!

  3. Beautiful combo! It brightened my dreary day.