Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Butter London Ice Duo

Duo numero due (hihi) is consisting of a blue shimmer base color named Blue Coat coming along with another clear based flakie of the name Leccy. Again the shimmer in the bottle of Blue Coat was the thing that pushed me into buying also the second set. It is incredibly intense and looks even purple at certain angles - in the bottle that is. The flakies are whitish/silvery and some ultraviolet ones again in the shape of shards and bars.

the above two pictures are taken indoors in daylight, the below photo outside in the shade 

 and in artificial light

Now here we talk Butter London formula wise - while thin Blue Coat is highly pigmented and applies flawlessly. I of course used my regular Base Coat - my nails are too ridged to EVER achieve a nice result without a smoothing Base Coat. Blue Coat dries relatively fast to a decent enough shine but I find such colors need GLOSSSSS! I applied Cult Nails Wicked Fast Top Coat.

And here amped up with some Leccy:

the above pictures are taken indoors in daylight, the below photo outside in the shade

 and in artificial light

I applied one coat of Butter London Leccy over my Blue Coat mani. As with the Flakie from the Fire Duo, Leccy has an easy formula for application. Some vigorous shakes and extensive swirling of the brush resulted in a decent amount of flakies per nail. So yes, my astonishment about how such a dense looking flakie ends up going sparse on the nails holds on. But then it might be due to the workable formula and I would choose a thinner formula any day over gluey. Dry time was fast and with Leccy the surface of my nails was SMOOTH - entirely! Again I added Cult Nails Wicked Fast Top Coat for that extra dose of gloss.

Final thoughts: As with the Fire Duo, I rather prefer the base color on its own - however Leccy does add some serious oomph to Blue Coat. As with Rebel Fox, the shimmer looks more metallic on the nail and again, while stunning, I would have loved it, if the shimmer would have shown more as in the bottle.

I ordered the Butter London Ice Duo with Pshiiit Boutique.

What do you think of those two sets? Would you take a dive and splurge on them?

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. That is one gorgeous blue! I love it with the flakes on!

  2. Hi pet! What a stunning blue! So beautiful! And it suits you so well!! Love it! It's pretty with the flakes but, as you, I prefer it on its own :) Viele Küsschen!!! xxx

  3. Oooh the combo looks so magical! Love the blue by itself too! :)

    ~ Yun

  4. Now this duo is where it's at! I love it. I've engaged in way too much retail therapy over the past few days though so hopefully these sets aren't LE because I love the idea of BL flakies and I'm not interested in letting another set of flakie toppers pass me by. And this blue is particularly gorgeous on you <3