Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunshine Award :-)

I was really, really touched to have been nominated by two wonderful and very dear to me fellow bloggers - thank you Little Miss Nailpolish and My Nailpolish Online for the Sunshine Award!!! I am incredibly happy to have gotten this award - thank you SOOOOO very much!!!!!

The rules for this award are:
Thank the person who gave you the award
Put the award badge on the blog
List 7 things about yourself
Nominate 5 or more blogs that are inspiring you

Now on to the 7 things about myself:

  • I went for years with bare nails until I had to walk on crutches for a while and could not wear any rings, I looked down at my hands and fell in REM phase sleep instantly - my hands looked that boring. So I set-out to get me some nailpolish. The one that started my late collection is Opi Red My Fortune Cookie

  • I take all photos on my Blog with my iPhone - I don't own a camera (sometimes it shows, I know)
  • I absolutely only wear dresses - every day - year in and out. I only own two pair of jeans (for hicking or other dress-inappropriate activities) and of course my motorbike leather trousers
  • My favorite Cartoon is Simon's Cat
  • I am a total Pilates and Yoga addict
  • I love fast cars but always owned old models "with personality" if you know what I mean ;-)
  • And of course I cannot miss out my beloved cat Nell - he has been first our now my companion since we adopted him at age 1 1/2 some 7 years ago - he is simply the furball of my eye

And I nominate:

Aglaya Nails
i Heart Pretty Polish
Liesl Loves Pretty Things
The Polish Hideout
Lacquered Reverie

My dear Jezz, my dear Ina, thank you both again SOOOO much for nominating me - it means a LOT to me <3


  1. Hi pet! So fun to know even more about you dear! I LOVE Simon's Cat too!!! My dad is a car mechanic so I've lived with cars and car talk all my life ;) I love the British series "Top Gear" :D They are sooo funny!! Have you seen it? I actually met Ina yesterday and she was so lovely! Super nice and she had the most amazing manicure! You can see it on her blog today! Have a nice evening and give Nell a kiss from me! Viele Küsschen!! xxx

    1. Hi sweetie, thank you again for nominating me xxx!!!!! Oh I know Top Gear so well, they are SOOOO funny, Mark and I used to watch it every week :-)D!!! Awwww how lovely that Ina and you met!!! She is wonderful (as you are)!!! Nell sends you a purr and a rub of his head - auch viele Küsschen xxx

  2. Hi Christine! Congrats on your award! You totally deserve! :D
    Ah, I wear dresses as often as I can in the summer time, but I wish I could wear them all year. It's just too cold in the winter and my legs freeze. :P
    And thank you so much for including me in your list. It really is so kind of you to include me with such talented ladies. :)

    ~ Yun

  3. Haha, I love Simon's Cat too :D And yes, I've done a little bit of yoga myself :D So nice to read some more about you hon!
    Yes, I met Jezzica and she was sooo lovely!! Wouldn't it be great if we three would meet one day ^_^