Sunday, 16 June 2013

My NOTD's of the week

Oh my poor readers, another review of my NOTDs of the week that will become probably long and picture heavy - let's get started:

I was über-exited to receive my four new A England Polishes from the Burne-Jones Dream Collection. Rose Bower was the polish I looked forward to most:

the above picture is taken in artificial light, the below in daylight and this is what Rose Bower looks most of the time

I applied two velvety like coats of A England Rose Bower over A England The Shield Base Coat. As with ANY polish I so far have from A England the wear was simply superb. Looking for 3 days at my Rose Bower nails, I started to have an inkling at the nape of my neck, that it reminded me of another polish - A England Perceval - and just see for yourself, I throw in here a quick comparison. But I only applied one coat of Perceval - still, I find you clearly can identify the similarities, as well as the differences.

We finally have real summer weather here and since I had neons on my Blog all week I thought I throw in a color changing polish from Ruby Wings in my week. This is Ruby Wing Eternal:

I applied three coats of Ruby Wings Eternal over Essence XXL Nail Thickener and finished the look with Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer. And yes, you probably need three coats, Eternal shows all cheekiness of turquoise colors you might have experienced in polishes from other brands, streaky, patchy, take your choice. 

And here how it looked in the sun - on my pinkie and ring finger you see Cirque Magic Hour (I did accent nails à la Liesl Loves Pretty Things)

Now on to the color changing part of Ruby Wings Eternal: I shook the bottle firmly and (in my opinion) forever before application, but this was not enough. The pigments were not really well mixed and on some nails there were patches that remained a lot paler. Also the color change only appeared in truly full sunlight - overcast weather made Eternal look like a dusty turquoise at best. I probably have to shake the bottle furiously - or have to put it into the shaker - or.... to make the pigments mix nicely.

Last but not least I picked an old favorite of mine (all in the spirit of not always neglect older beauties for new purchases) - just have a look at Nfu Oh 51:

This time I layered two coats of Nfu Oh 51 over: one to two coats of Sinful Colors Amethyst, then followed one coat of Jade Diamond Velvet. Yes, you are right, I ended up with quite a thick layer of polish on my nails - and no, I still don't like it. AND Jade Diamond Velvet shines totally crazy wild and diminished the effect of the flakies. And another picture with Nfu Oh 51 mattified:

Last but not least I include my mani fail of the week: Girly Bits Cherry Cherry Boom Boom over Illamasqua Alarm. I saw nearly no effect AT ALL from the glitters in Cherry Cherry Boom Boom - even hefting my eyeball to my nail did not help. And then it is thin in consistency and thick of glitters - my nails ended up really bumpy - this is such a no-go for me.

Phew - thanks for bearing with me until the bitter end - what do you think of my selection? 

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Rose Bower got cart jacked during the last sale. The second time... It's such a gorgeous polish (and that's me, the hardly ever red/pink wearer saying that) and looks awesome on you! But I did recieve my Nfu Oh order last week, so 51 is now mine, too ;-)

    1. Thank you <3!!! Oh bummer - and indeed, you are rarely venturing into reds or pinks - but I am sure it will look as gorgeous on you :-D - and I cannot wait to see what you will do with your Nfu Oh 51 ;-)

  2. UGH!! That A England Rose Bower is SO gorgeous!! And it doesn't help that Edward Burne-Jones is one of my favorite Pre-Raphaelite artists!!

    1. Hi Melissa, now this sounds like a serious call-out of "buy-me" ;-) - I am sure it would look absolutely stunning on you - I hardly dare to say, but I prefer A England Perceval against my skin tone and Rose Bower has already moved out again from my drawer ;-). And I just LOVE Pre-Raphaelite paintings - as I do so many others from other periods I have to admit ;-)

  3. Awesome manicures !! I seriously need to get my hands on some Ruby Wings !!

    1. Thank you dear Vicky xxx - I think you would find some great Ruby Wings AND I cannot wait to see what sort of nailart you would do with a color changing polish <3