Sunday, 23 June 2013

My NOTDs of the week

This week summer hit my town in full force - temperatures jumped by 20 degrees - and admittedly, since a couple of years, I don't do those extreme changes in temperatures too well - or at least, I need a day or two to get used to the heat. Well whining aside, it was finally time to dig out all those neons, brights, holos and they stood packed ;-P

I just had to use one of my beloved Nfu Oh Morning of Greece shades - I started the week with Nfu Oh Mor 10:

I applied two coats of Nfu Oh Mor 10 over Essence XXL Nail Thickener. I used Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat and either this Top Coat does heat VERY badly or I have a bottle gone bad - look:

and of course this happened when I just had no time to fix it - aaaargh!!!

Cult Nails You're My Dandy Lion so far is my only yellow - I just love it's happy and bright color:

I applied three easy coats of Cult Nails You're My Dandy Lion over Essence XXL Nail Thickener and used A England The Shield Top Coat. When I removed however, I was pretty astonished to find my nails stained yellow. A thorough handwash with regular soap removed all traces though.

Of course a holographic polish cannot be missed in a week filled with sunshine. Cirque Vesuvius  from their recent Arcus Collection was a must-have for me the second I read it's description:

 the above two pictures are taken indoors in daylight, the below photo in artificial light

I applied two buttery coats of Cirque Vesuvius over Fnug Aqua Base Coat. Vesuvius dries down to a satin finish - I like my holo's glossy though -I used A England The Shield Top Coat to finish the look. Should the Top Coat diminish the holo effect, I think it is really minimal as I could not detect a difference. I just love those holos with more saturated base colors, they look fantastic in any lightning and the wear is excellent - it behaves like a normal cream polish.

The late Arcus Collection by Cirque is really incredibly beautiful and next to Vesuvius I also got myself Cirque Magic Hour (and some more)

and just look at this sparkle:

I applied one coat of Cirque Magic Hour over one coat of Cult Nails Time Traveller. Now Magic Hour is thick - packed with shards of iridiscent glitters and a thicklish base. I am not yet convinced that I would need to add a drop or two of thinner or leave it so thicklish - I just love the glitter pay-off. I therefore will probably use it over one-coaters for now.

Do you have a favorite of the above? Have you tried any of the new Cirque Arcus Collection polishes?

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Goodness gracious!! That blue is killing me!! The sparkle...oh my eyes!! :P Beautiful all, Christine! ;)

    1. Hi Melissa - YAY, thank you xxx - and LOL, no way - the blue is EYE SEARING though ;-) - <3

  2. Oh, they are just so beautiful all of them! I haven't tried any of the new Cirques yet.. These two are so pretty!

    1. Hi Ina - awww thank you hon!!! You would LOVE the Cirque polishes. If I am right, not a single one of them is a plain cream, they all come with a little extra ;-)

  3. Ah, they are all so pretty! I love the Cirque one and I think I need to try some from that brand. I have loved all of the ones I have seen:)

  4. I'm really loving all your manis this week! Your first two manis are especially bright and fun, perfect for welcoming in the summer! :)

    ~ Yun