Saturday, 13 April 2013

Saturday Skittlette

Finally I again managed to come up with a real Skittlette. In my last week's NOTD of the Week post, you might check it here, I have shown you Dior Diablotine. I modified the look with some stripes:

Recipe for the Skittlette:

Dior Diablotine
La Couleur Couture 1977
A England Camelot

Pinkie and index: two coats of Dior Diablotine
Ring and middle: I separated the nail diagonally with striping tape painting the reversing halfs with La Couleur Couture 1977 and Dior Diablotine. I sealed it with A England The Shield Top Coat, waited a couple of minutes and taped it with two stripes in the reversed direction, then simply added one coat of A England Camelot.

I really grew fond of striping tape manis and could not resist to add some more ;-) as you can see I intentionally left my thumb plain red.

Observations and remarks: I seem to not have really firmly pressed down the striping tape on my middle and ring finger because there was just the tiniest black cloud visible. When working with striping tape it is really crucial that you press it firmly down on the nail before applying the next color to prevent the color bleeding. As you can see on my pinkie and index I learnt my lesson ;-)

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. I love seeing your skittles manis! They are always so cute! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. Hi Yun - thank you dear, I am glad you like my Skittles <3

  2. LOVE THIS! I adore that Dior red and your striping tape work is marvelous. Hope your weekend's going well, sis ♥♥

    1. Hi sis - THANK YOU for your lovely and supportive comment <3!!!! So happy that you like it :-). My weekend is going very well - today - Sunday, we have the first warm and truly sunny days this spring, we still cannot quite believe it. I hope you are having some great plans too xxx

  3. Love the striping taped mani !!! Hey, I didn't even buy any of this new Dior collection ... should I ? lol :)

    1. Thank you Vicky xxx!!! Awesome that you managed to pass the counter without snatching up the one or the other - if you should get it, to be very honest, while the quality and the polish is awesome it is not the most unique color out there. However as classy and elegant polish for any occasion it is a win in my stash - hmmmmm, will you get it now??? LOL

  4. Wonderful mani Christine! You certainly mastered the striping tape technique!
    The Dior polish is absolutely gorgeous, I haven't got any from this release either... though they're tempting me quite a lot, lol!
    bisous, xxx

    1. Salut ma chère Nati, thank you so much for your wonderful comment!!! You certainly know how to make my day!!!!!! If you are looking for a great pinkish leaning red with a tinge of coral Dior is an excellent choice. However this is not undupable and as with Fracas you might already have something quite similar in your stash. I think your determination and discipline to be a conscious nailpolish buyer is admirable!!! Hope you gonna enjoy the awesome day somewhere nice - we head out soon - love, hugs and bisous xxx