Monday, 29 April 2013

Picture Polish Coral Reef

This week has no theme, no assorted order BUT it is a collection of polishes that I stored in my "soon to be swatched/worn" drawer and somehow this soon extended into more days than originally planned because there was always either the one or the other new arrival at my home or a themed week. So this week is for all those pretties that have been repeatedly (and undeservedly) put aside.

Ever since I did my Picture Polish Skittle one of the last Saturdays (original post can be viewed here) my tips were itching to wear all of them as full manis. In lieu of them right now, I show you Picture Polish Coral Reef:

the above two pictures are taken indoors in daylight, the below photo outdoors in the shade

Picture Polish Coral Reef has an impeccable formula, the consistency is just right, the pigmentation sensational. The color is just short from a neon but there is none of the streakiness that usually go with a neon. It dries down to this perfect high shine finish.

Final thoughts: I don't get tired of singing the praise for my Picture Polishes and Coral Reef is no exception. To me it is the epitome of the color coral.

I buy my Picture Polishes from Harlow & Co, Llarowe and Pshiiit Boutique.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Beautufl shade, so yummy and brught

  2. LOVE THIS!! It looks so pretty on you, sis! I love corals like this, more pinky than orangey, and I'm totally with you on this being the epitome of the shade. Lovely photos, my friend :) I hope your Monday's been kind :)

  3. Beautiful coral for sure! I like that it leans a bit more pink than orange. :D

    ~ Yun

  4. Hi pet! This looks stunning!! What a bright and happy color!! It looks great on you Liebling!!
    I hoped you'd show this one first when I saw your preview yesterday!! Sorry for not commentating on that post btw... I was knackered after my work weekend... I really love the idea of a preview of what to come!! And it you change your mind it will only be a happy surprise! ;)
    Will respond to your e-mail shortly! Promise! Take care Süsse!! Viele Küsschen!!! xxx

  5. Reeeeaaallyyyy gorgeous on ya!!!! Sorry got excited there lol

  6. What a BEAUTY! I love this shade on you Christine. It makes you look so tanned, are you? as you said is the perfect coral, you just left me drooling for summer :P
    bisous ma belle, xxx