Sunday, 21 April 2013

My NOTDs of the week

This week's summary will be sort of special since one of the polishes I wore was totally brand new to me and having not seen too many posts about it I thought I will do a separate proper review.

The polish referred to is Solar Club Ruby Wing Poppy. It is a color changing scented polish that reacts to sunlight, in case you would like to read my detailed review you can find it here.

Indoors and in the shade it looks like this

In the sun it turns like this

I applied two coats of Ruby Wing Poppy over Essence XXL Nail Thickener and finished it with one coat of Application was excellent, coverage was even, the consistency fantastic to work with.

I have to admit that the Opi Liquid Sands are my favorite textured polishes, their looks are just so varying and each and every one of their shades has an individual uniqueness. Opi Stay the Night from the Mariah Carey Collection so far is my favorite and I have been longing to wear it again for some time now:

I applied three thin coats of Opi Stay the Night over Essence XXL Nail Thickener. I find the application really easy and while the individual layers may take a tad longer to dry - though I still find it totally in the normal range of drying time - it still counts as quick mani options. The texture is forgiving (think streakiness or brush strokes) and no Top Coat required. My love for Stay the Night is undiminished :-)!!! Oh and yes, the photo is slightly blurry to show the beautiful red glitters.

I received a real nail-shower this week, not only did my lovely friend Radha from the Polishowl spoil me with incredible nailmail (more on this nail-shower in a separate post) but I also received my Cult Nails In the Garden Collection pre-order!!! For the sake of my life I could not decide what polish from In the Garden Collection I should wear and ended with this:

Pinkie: two coats of Cult Nails Ay Poppy. The formula is thin (i.e. results in this juicy look) but a dream to apply.
Ring: three coats of Cult Nails You're My Dandy Lion. The formula is really good for a yellow. It does look a bit patchy after the first coat and three coats are required to achieve this even softly shimmering finish but I found the application not tricky and thanks to the slight thickness the polish is easy to control.
Middle, index and thumb: Two Coats Cult Nails Morning Glory. This was the easiest and fastest to apply. This is the only wax finish polish of this collection I used for this mani so I wanted it with a shiny finish :-)! Noteworthy: if you have ridged nails like me, you might want to consider applying two coats of a ridge filling Base Coat - the wax finish is not really forgiving

Final thoughts: I really loved all of the above manis though I am really, really exited about my new Cult Nails. What are your thoughts?

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. I've just discovered your blog and I love it! I've subbed and nominated you for the best blog award! come and checK:

    1. Hello, oh my, I am floored and feel very very honored - thank you so much!!!!! I certainly will hop over asap :-) I am happy you like it :-D

  2. Hi pet! I really liked the Ruby Wing polish! I have thought of getting one of those but I wasn't sure about the colour changing effect... but wow! It's a really big difference! I like it!! :D Must get one now! :D Hope all is well with you! Take care! Küsschen!! xxx
    PS. How about a new swop? ;)

    1. Hi meine Süsse, thank you so much!!! I have some more of the color changing polishes but have not tried them yet. Poppy certainly is a winner and I keep it in my favorite polish drawer ;-)!!! Hope all is well with you too - with me all is pink <3 - Puss - xxx

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    1. Thank you Ina xxx - you would not guess how long I was on the fence about getting it - LOL

  4. Cute manis! That color changing polish is amazing! I can't believe how strong the change is. And Stay the Night is stunning on you... it's got so much depth and interest for a black polish! :-)

    ~ Yun

  5. Christine, you're the only person to make me actually want Stay The Night. It looks amazing on you. That Poppy is WAY COOL!! Sexy, summery pink in the shade, vampy in the sun...what a character that one is :) Hope you're having a lovely start to your week, sis :)