Sunday, 17 March 2013

My NOTDs of the Week

This week was pretty busy - to put it mildly - we had guests from all over the world at the office, budget reviews, and what have you. The icing on the cake was another wave of snow that impacted travellers, network issues, and so on. - You see - never a dull moment!! But you did not come over here to read my ramblings, right? I finally have ALL my Pixie Dust babies assembled and of course had to start to wear them instantly.

Zoya Vespa started the week:

the above photo taken in daylight, the picture below in the sun (yeah - finally)

I am sure you have seen gazillions of reviews on the Pixie Dust polishes by now so I try to keep my findings short and sweet:
  • I applied three coats of Zoya Vespa
  • I wore it on my left ring finger without Base Coat as suggested by Zoya, on all others I used Zoya Anchor Base Coat. In application or dry time I could not detect a difference. With regard to weartime however, it seemed that the Base Coat helped.
  • On many of the pictures shown by other Bloggers, the Pixie Dust polishes kept a certain greasy shine that I personally do not really fancy. It turns out that the polish, if applied three coats, turns completely matte after max two hours. A definitive pro as I really, really loath the greasy shine. While it keeps the shine when I only apply two coats.
On this close-up I wanted to show you how the polish looked like after wearing it for four straight days - see the minor tip wear on my ring finger?.  Pretty impressive, I find. Sorry for the gruesome photo but the tipwear would not show in any other picture I took :-S!!!

Second in line Zoya Chyna. As suggested for darker colors I applied only two coats. The color and opacity are beautiful. But as seen in my pictures, there is the greasy shine again. No matter how many hours I waited, it did not dissipate. I really had no time for a full additional layer but tried it on one nail. As hoped, the polish turned completely matte at three coats after something more than an hour.

the picture above taken in artificial light, the photo below in daylight

On Tuesday I received an incredibly beautifully labelled envelope from Little Miss Nailpolish Jezz have a look at her wonderful Blog here. We did a nailpolish swap and look what she sent me (I get spoiled rotten here):

I wanted those W7 glitters ever since I saw them first with Pretty Digits and I am incredibly grateful that Jezz so generously sent me those three beauties along with my first Depend nailpolish AND some really nice Swedish chocolate. While M certainly has no intentions to expand into the nailpolish world (holler)  he definitively got a sweet tooth and we shared the delicious chocolate as dessert :-)!! And while I felt like I should not necessarily wear glitter to the office this week (see above) I had Friday off and W7 Lava Flow on :-)

the picture above taken above in artificial light, the photo below in daylight

Look at how delicate and pretty Lava Flow looks on the nail!!! I applied two coats of W7 Lava Flow over Essence XXL Nail Thickener and used two different Top Coats as the polish dries a tad gritty. I applied one coat of Butter London Hardwear and finished off with one coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer. I honestly found the application not the easiest, the consistency has a tendency to be runny and is very glitter loaded. BUT and for this reason application could even be harder, it smoothed out my ridges COMPLETELY!!! What a rare experience in white jelly polishes!!!

Do you have a favorite of the above?

I ordered Zoya Vespa and Zoya Chyna with Pshiiit Boutique.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Oh there are your PixieDusts:) I didn't even think of the shine when I took pics of mine. I took pics right away after and it does look different after it dries for a while. I think Vespa is my favorite of the PixieDusts:)

    1. Hi Essie, thank you xxx!!! I will soon give Chyna another try with three coats - just for the sake of testing my own statement as tried and true ;-)!!! Vespa is REALLY so special - I will use Nyx later today and have a feel, that this will be my fav along with Vespa :-)

  2. Vespa is gorgeous on ya !!!!

  3. Hi Christine! I hope you had a relaxing weekend after such a busy week! Your nail polish week is fantastic! I like Zoya vespa on you and the W7 Lava flow is to die for. I'm sporting a textured polish myself today (who would have thought!) My baby is sick again, and I'm under treatment for some nasty bacteria in my bronchi that might be the cause why I was so frequently ill. Meanwhile it seems I haven't managed to get my e-mails answered, I'm such a slack! I'm sorry you've not heard from me, I really appreciate all your advice. bisous, xx

    1. Hi Nati, oh I am so sorry to hear about your baby and your issues with the bronchi - hope all of you feel better soon!!! Just saw your post - comment will follow later - love the Opi on you!!! I think Vespa is my favorite of the whole collection so far and Lava Flow was so cute and pretty to wear!!! Thank you for your lovely comment xxx!!! Have a great Monday :-) bisous

  4. Love Vespa and Chyna on you! Both are so pretty! Hope you had a chance to relax over the weekend and recover from your busy week! <3

    ~ Yun

    1. Hi Yun - thank you so much <3!!! My weekend was relaxing and wonderful - it had all I could wish for: chilling, meeting friends, work-out :-) I wish you a lovely start of the week!!!