Friday, 29 March 2013

Black Cat Lacquer Lucky Star over Essence Madly Purpled

The second polish I grabbed from the Essence Floral Grunge Collection was Madly Purpled. While the name sounds like something vivid and bold it actually is a muted lilac polish that according the the label on the cap is supposed to be worn matte - now if Essence calls this matte..... oh well, the finish is nice enough:

Isn't this just the most lovely and soft mauve/lilac polish? I cannot believe that this is actually a bargain polish for less than CHF 5.00!!! I applied two coats of Madly Purpled over Essence XXL Nail Thickener and did not apply any top coat. The polish contains tiny shimmer particles that translate to this silky finish as shown above. The formula and application were perfect. The only little issue I have - I don't call this finish matte but rather silky but no complaint here as I like it a lot.

Mei Mei's Signatures (an awesome online polish watering hole by the way, that ships internationally) has launched Black Cat Lacquer some two weeks ago and me being the cat lover that I am of course had to add this brand to my stash.

This is one coat of Black Cat Lacquer Lucky Star. The polish is incredibly glitter dense and especially the smaller and mid sized glitters spread nice and easy. The formula is on the thick side but still not too difficult to apply with the brush. As expected the stars are a bit shy to leave their crib but thanks to the amount of glitter you can easily fish some out. Another great thing is that the stars are not too big, so they lay nice and flat on any of the nails.

The above picture is taken outdoors in the shade - do you see the loads of glitter that spilled out of the bottle? Insane, incredible, in short - WOWZERS!!!
Have you tried any Black Cat Lacquers yet?
I bought Black Cat Lacquer Lucky Star from Mei Mei's Signatures and Essence Madly Purpled with "my" Coop.
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  1. I love mauve polish! What a pretty mani:)

    1. Hi Essie, thank you dear <3!!! You certainly deserve a share of my exitement about mauve polish - you have shown us just too pretty ones :-)

  2. Hi pet!! What a lovely combo!! It looks stunning on you!! Yesterday I liked the polish better "clean" but today I like the combo more!! ;) What can I say? I'm unpredictable ;) lol! Hope you are having a great Easter liebling! Take care! Küsschen!! xxx

    1. Hi cupcake - thank you hon <3. LOL - following your Blog now for a while, I know you are a girl going bold, so I was not surprised about your preference for Miss Piggy... on its own - and Lucky Star is just too pretty. Fyi - I did try it over a dark base but was not really convinced by the final look, I therefore skipped posting a picture. Happy Easter to you "meine Süsse" as well, enjoy and take care - Küsschen xxx

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    1. Hi Ina - thank you so much for your lovely comment xxx