Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentines week a la Polished Marvels: Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker

I am sure that allover the nailpolish Blogger World dozens of Valentines Day manis are popping up this week - well, with me as well. BUT my hubby does not appreciate pink or red nails. He loves holos, multichromes, glitters, flakies in blue, green or milky white. So hard guess what I will show - eh? This week I will show you his favorites. First up Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker. There is a really wide choice of glitter in milky white bases right now - just check out Jindie Nails polishes - they have quite a range - or KBShimmer Oh Splat.

These are two coats of Jawbreaker over one careful coat of Ozotic Mr. Big White. The formula is so easy to work with just the bigger glitters either only reluctantly left their home or refused completely (hear me red square pieces????).

Are you also a fan of glitters in milky white bases? B.t.w. I have seen some swatches from KBShimmer's Spring Collection 2013 and there is another awesome white crelly glitter that definitively will have to come home to mama ;-)

You can order Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker with their own website Pretty & Polished . They ship internationally.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Hi darling!! :D
    This polish is stunning!! I love it!!
    I'm a huge fan of milky glitters!! :D
    It'll be great to see what you will show us this week!
    (I'm not a huge fan of red or pink either ;))
    Take care!

    1. Hi lovey - thank youuuu xxx!!!! Yay we are synched in this preference as well (I think blue here ;-))!! I am also exited for this weeks manis - am super curious what you will think of the others ;-). I do like reds but pinks are sort of alien on me, not that it would not fit me but I rarely like to look at pink nails - LOL!!! Take care too my dear xxx

  2. I'm definitely a fan of white based glitter :D and I love this one!

    1. ... and you have some pretty awesome ones in your collection!!! Thank you :-)

  3. Aww so sweet of you to wear your hubby's favorite polish for V-day! It's a beauty! I love how the glitters look peeking out from the milky base! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you Yun :-)!!! I am so lucky that M is so supportive of my hobby and I think when I wore Jawbreaker for the first time, I was nearly knocked out of my socks when he actually complimented me for it without being asked, so that's why Jawbreaker made it to my Valentine's week ;-)