Sunday, 10 February 2013

My NOTDs of the week

I hope all of you, my dear readers, had a great week!!! Mine was while very intense, exiting :-). There were some lovely polishes accompaigning me through my days. First up A England Bridal Veil from their The Mythicals Collection. Its fellow mates Saint George and Dragon from the same Collection are widely popular and also belong to my alltime favorites. However the holo subtleness that Bridal Veil eludes is incredibly elegant:

RBL Orbis Non Sufficit was a long time lemming of mine since I love those dusty dark greens. While I got it sometime late last year, I still never seem to have gotten around wearing it - I got usually sidetracked at the last moment (happens to me quite a lot since I remember typing this very sentence before - LOL)

and another photo in daylight - since I was on my way to work I used my RBL Shopping Bag as background

I applied two effortless coats of Orbis Non Sufficit over RBL Base Coat. I used Butter London Hardwear as Top Coat.

Next came Butter London Victoriana. This polish was whispering to me "apply me apply me" since quite some time.

The above pictures shows Victoriana and lobster hands in artificial light. The below photo in daylight and how it looked IRL.

The formula is awesome, the dusty turquoise shade with the silver shimmer particles is a timeless color. These are two coats of Butter London Victoriana over Butter London's Nail Foundation - of course I used Butter London Hardwear Top Coat to finish the look.

On Thursday I found my latest Harlow & Co nail order in my mailbox - YAY!!! Of course Layla Ceramic Effect 52 had to be slapped on immediately. The polish is very sheer and probably would require x number of coats to get anywhere near an opacity I like.  So on to my layering: I started out with two thin coats of A England Ophelia. Most of you certainly have seen and read all about this polish when A England released the Gothic Collection last fall.

Then I applied one thin coat of Ozotic 504. In all of the swatches I saw from this polish the color shift to brownish hued is very visible. Much to my annoyance I was unable to coax it out into my artificial light and it was rather late by the time I did my nails so here we got to go without it :-(

Now the stage was ready for Layla Ceramic Effect 52. The formula is excellent and the flakie pay-off immense - the harder part was getting to it in the first place, the cap was close to glued to the bottle.

and on the below picture you see how Ozotic 504 gleams through Layla Ceramic Effect 52

And a quick comparison with Cult Nails Seduction on my ring finger and the legendary Nfu Oh 51 on my index. I think the picture speaks for itself. Layla Ceramic Effect 52 and Nfu Oh 51 are close enough that one would not need both - but what can I say - I am a sucker for those flakies and am happy to own both.

So, which of those is your favorite?

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Hi sweetie!
    OMG! What a swatch haul!! :D
    I love them all! I can't pick a favourite this time!! I just can't! ;)
    Have great evening pet!

    1. Hi darling, I did sort of overboard with all those manis this week - LOL!!! So glad that you cannot pick a favorite - I loved each of them too :-) Hope you had a lovely weekend, wishing you a wonderful start into the new week xxx

  2. I'm glad your week has been great! I like all the colors, especially the flakie on top of the purple! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Hi Yun, you are too sweet :-)!!! I am a flakie-addict and wish I could always have like a separate hand to wear them - next to a holo-hand and a blue-hand and.... ;-)

  3. my fave out of the bunch is RBL Orbis Non Suffici !! Love the others as well :)

    1. Thank you Vicky xxx - my RBLs have a special place in my polished heart and can live in a separate drawer ;-)! I believe ONS would be great for stamping but I loved it so much on its own, I could not bring myself to layer something on top - LOL

  4. I painted my nails today with Butter Victoriana!! how strange is that! I spent a good amount of our sunny Sunday (was it sunny in Basel?) staring at my nails... until I decided to stamp on it, and now I wish I had not done it! lol!
    My favourite is of course the layering with FLAKIES! I could seriously eat that stuff.
    Love! have a great start to your week! xxx

    1. How exiting that we are mani-synched - this is super cool!!!! It was sunny here as well but the "Bise" was blowing quite forcefully brrrrrr :-S. I am sure it still looks totally pretty :-)!!! Flakies are awesome and I have to admit my favorites are the Nfu Oh's. I also wish you a great start into the new week xxx

  5. So many pretty polishes! The A-England is AMAZING!