Saturday, 29 December 2012

Skittlette featuring one snowflake

My recent venturing in skittlette territory was less than successful. While I felt quite satisfied with the stamping mani growing out of it, I still had no skittlette.

For my latest attempt I picked (from left): Cult Nails Bitten, Essie Recessionista, Opi Skulls & Glossbones, Hits Glitter World Atenas, Maybelline Forever Strong (for the stamping), Christmas set White Crystal by ISZS that I ordered with Hail the Nail (check out the link - Yvonne has AWESOME waterdecals)

Pinkie: Opi Skulls & Glossbones, Hits Glitter World Atenas
Ring: Essie Recessionista and a snowflake nailsticker from a Christmas set White Crystal and added a rhine stone in the middle of the snowflake.
Middle: Opi Skulls &Glossbones stamped with Maybelline Forever Strong
Index: one coat of Cult Nails Bitten over Essie Recessionista
Thumb: I repeated the pattern of the middle finger

indoors in artificial light

indoors in daylight

What is your preferred polish for stamping?

Purchase info: I ordered Essie Recessionista with Transdesign, Opi Skulls & Glossbones with Bath & Unwind, Cult Nails Bitten on their own website Cult Nails, Hits World Glitter Atenas I received from my wonderful friend in Brazil, I bought Maybelline Forever Strong with our local Douglas Store. The nail stickers are from Hail the Nail

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Your mani looks great. I use almost every polish I like for stamping, as long it isn't too sheer. I own only three special stamping polishes, the black, white and silver Essence.

    1. Thank you :-))))!!!! Thank you for the stamping advice - I still need plenty of practice and am ever so glad for any tips. So far I only got the white Essence stamping polish and have to try it yet...

  2. The manicure looks so beautiful! I love the stamping and the added snowflake with the crystal!

    1. Thank you xxx what a great compliment coming from you!!! I am awed!!! And thanks for the tip with Hail the Nails - what an awesome e-shop and Yvonne is lovely.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Essie, you now got me blushing, I am awed that you liked it - thank you so much xxx