Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's Eve Manis

While considering what I could wear on my nails tonight I thought - well, why not share my selection with you? BEWARE - this is another picture heavy post!!!

My first thought was GOLD!!! I was lucky to get one bottle of Enchanted Polish Austin Powers during the recent re-launch and saved it for wearing it during the Holiday Season:

I applied three coats on all nails except on my index finger, where I started with one coat of Nati Metallic Ouro Fatal - an awesome gold metallic foil I received from my wonderful friend in Brazil.

Of course I could not miss out on A England Beauty Never Fails topped with Jade Diamond Galaxy.

Now on to my glittery manis. First up RBL Locavore. These are three coats of RBL Locavore on its own. Super sparkly :-)

My sister of polish has sent me a lovely selection of Hits Glitter World polishes my way. Below you see Hits Glitter World Rio dabbed on my nails over two coats of Zoya Song. Such a happy and fun mani!!!

Another awesome glitter by Hits I received from Brazil was Hits World Glitter Ibiza. I applied two coats of Hits World Glitter Ibiza over two coats of L'Apogee Platina.

Last but not least a red polish has to be included in this as well I find. This is Opi The Spy Who Loves Me. I applied two coats - I never thought I would love this as much!!!

I will let you know tomorrow what I finally wore to our party - stay tuned ;-)

Today's question is rather simple - what did you wear on New Year's Eve?

I wish to all of my dear readers an awesome New Year's Eve party!! Have fun and enjoy celebrating and as we say in Swiss German "en guete Rutsch" (this means get well into the New Year).

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. I'm wearing L'Oreal Stroke of Midnight, and we're hanging out around the house being sick. So at least my nails look pretty, lol. I LOVE the Enchanted Polish holo. I hope you went with that one. Or Locavore. That's gorgie, too. Or The Spy Who Loved Me, because golden shimmery red is highly NYE party appropriate. Can't wait to see what you chose! Happy New Year to you :)

    1. Hi Liesl, I saw Stroke of Midnight on your nails - AWESOME!!!!! I picked RBL Locavore - I am sure Austin Powers will get its well deserved premiere soon - LOL!!! Actually I finally ended up deciding between the two of them :-)!!! Thank you - I also wish you a happy and wonderful New Year <3

  2. Replies
    1. Oh why thank you Essie - you got me blushing!!!!! This means a world to me coming from you xxx