Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nfu Oh 59 - a secret elixir

In My NOTD's of the week I mentionned a mani I did not show there - well here it is:

My stash of nail polish has grown disproportionally over the past couple of months - buying two Helmers did not really help :-S - however I so far have not had any Nfu Oh's acquired (tststststs...). This changed recently when I finally caved and ordered my first bottle of Nfu Oh through a French e-tailer.

May I introduce Nfu Oh 59, here to the right of A England Camelot which I used as base colour:

I applied one coat of Nfu Oh 59 over two coats of A England Camelot (my favourite black nail polish). I used A England The Knight Base Coat and Essie Good to Go for Top Coat.

Photo taken indoors in daylight: 

Isn't this an amazing Flakie pay-off in one single coat (apologies for my dry hands)? I got so many compliments for this mani, I could hardly believe it. First and foremost by a stylist I met at the Dior booth with Globus. He was gushing and oooh-ing all over my nails - I could not resist feeling just a tad smug ;-). I have to state though that Flakies did not yet seem to have made it into Swiss beauty stores (at least I have not spotted any up to now, so in case I missed any displays please apologise) - I had to explain Nfu Oh 59 over and over again (now how would you do that please?) - I ended up showing the bottle shot on my iPhone ;-)

And because as of late I cannot leave a mani alone ......

... I added one coat of Naild'it Caramel Apple. Quite sparkilicious I find. For the improbable case that I would be invited to an incredibly glamorous event this would be my mani. And I would wear a 40ies inspired sultry dress in a deep, dark red and black velvet peep toes and an art-deco clutch box with enamel inlays in gold, red and black and ..... OK back to planet Earth ;-)

Final thoughts: while I like the glitzy version I still think it is a shame to alter ANYTHING with Nfu Oh 59. I will wear it as shown in the first pictures: one coat over a dark base colour and a shiny, glossy finish. Basta.

I ordered Nfu Oh 59 with Pshiiit Boutique and A England Camelot with A England's website.

Do you have any Nfu-Oh??? Do you have a polish that reminds you of a secret elixir from a fairytale?

Looking forward to reading your comments!!!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Wow Christine, this is really gorgeous!! I love these polishes !! Seriously Nfu-oh flakies are the best :)

    1. Oh wow Vicky - THANK YOU <3 - do you have any Nfu Ohs yourself? I never thought that the difference would be this evident :-)

  2. Oh wow Vicky - THANK YOU <3 - do you have any Nfu Ohs yourself? I never thought that the difference would be THIS evident :-)

  3. This is stunning Christine! Your nails are actually on fire!!

    1. Thank you Natalia!!!!! <3 Your compliment means so much to me!!!! And you said it all - how appropriately put!!!!! :-)