Wednesday, 6 August 2014

#supergorgeousblog Challenge on Instagram Day 6: Today we wear PINK

Hello gals! Having read todays theme my first thought admittedly was a slightly shocked "uh noooo". While I did get partly into pink nailpolish, I am still not reaching too often for this color. But the longer I thought about wearing something pink, the more exited I got and I finally came up with this:

Pinkie: about 4-5 coats (cough-cough) of Colors by Llarowe Holiday Road (don't get shied away by the number of coats, it is drying quickly and applying awesomely - I will do a full review of this beauty soon)
Ring: 2 coats of Opi Vampire is my Buff, I did the flowers using Cult Nails Falling Hard and then I mixed up some greens with Dance Legend No 332 and Colors by Llarowe Holiday Road
Middle: 2 coats of Cult Nails Falling Hard, for the flowers I used Opi Vampire is my Buff and again the same mix of green nail polishes
Index and thumb: 2 coats of Cult Nails Falling Hard

The cast:

From left: Cult Nails Falling Hard, Colors by Llarowe Holiday Road, Dance Legend No 332, Opi Vampire Is My Buff

Now I hope, I did not copy anyones' nails here without being aware of it and therefore unable to give credit. I got inspired by a tutorial on You Tube for simple nailart by Simplichic. Of course the pink was a given by the theme of the day and then I cannot resist throwing a green into any pink ;-P.

And here I have Cult Nails Falling Hard on its own:

This is pink-awesomeness at two coats applied over my regular Base Coat and sealed with Glisten&Glow HK Girl. The formula is your typical Cult Nails, highly pigmented and on the thin side - you ought to be careful with the amount of polish traveling on our brush - I luckily spilled only some on my worktable versus all over my cuticles (phew - imagine THAT clean-up). Falling Hard glides on easily to your nails and is a self leveling dream. Dry time is on the fast side and the finish has the loveliest high shine. I actually planned to only swatch it on all nails and ended up painting all nails with it anyhow - I loved it that much.

Coming to think of it, I have quite a number of other pink stuff in my beauty storage - wanna see? If yes, please scroll down ;-)

The Blushes:

Dior Rosy Glow Powder Blush - oh boy that one is worth every Cent or Rappen in my case
Bobbie Brown Pretty Pink Powder Blush that undeservingly gets little love since I got the Dior Rosy Glow
MAC Mineralize Powder Blush in Azalea in the Afternoon. I love to wear this in winter when my skin tone is paler
Yves Saint Laurent Cream Blush in No 2. This is such a versatile shade of pink that works with more tanned or paler skin tone, natural make-up or more colorful one - this is what I consider a perfect blush for me for travels
Yves Saint Laurent Flower Crush Palette Rosy Blush - it works as Highlighter in summer and as Blush in winter in my books.


Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in Pink Lagoon. Released as LE for last summer - I adore the coolness on the skin you feel right after application
Dior Addict It Line Eyeliner No 879 (pink) - one of the best products I purchased this year and a lot more wearable than you might think (I never apply it with the applicator but dip a blop on the back of my hand and paint the eyeliner with a eyeliner brush. 
And from the same collection Dior Addict It-Lash 872 (pink) I use either the above eyeliner or the mascara, never both in one go. And of course I apply the mascara sparingly only on the tips of my upper lashes.


Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupte No 49 (bottom left) - the most awesome cool toned pink EVER and my preferred formula, well maybe with the exception of 
Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Reflexion (bottom right) not much to say about that one except it is really nice to wear, lasts well over a couple of hours and leaves your lips tainted softly even if the glossy part vanished - it is a pretty everyday medium bright pink with red undertones
And lastly two buys I regret - both are Yves Saint Laurent Vernis a Levres No 35 and 104 (the ones on top). Mind you, it is not the color or the application or the durability but I personally dislike the tacky feel on my lips.

For once I have a question: do you like it if I intersperse some of my make-up thoughts here and there? Please consider that my view is that of a simple every day user, I am no way near any of the professionals reviewing make-up and for me it is all about simplicity and functionality - I cannot be bothered with too much mixing stuff to make it work. Either I slap it on and it works for me or I let it lay. 

Thank you for visiting and of course I love to read your comments!!!
Christine <3


  1. OMG! Christine! your manicure is GORGEOUSSNESS! i love it , I love pink and green, and this Cult baby is a stunner! Great mani, (inspite the 5 coats the pinkie really makes the difference!
    And, gosh, how many pretties in your makeup collection, impressive indeed.
    Wish you a lovely day ma biche! bisous! xxx

    1. Thank you dear Nati <3 <3 <3!!! Pink and green is just such a fresh and happy color combination - and yes, that pinkie really made the whole thing work ;-). I did amass some lovely make-up stuff indeed - well merci à toi ma biche - you can credit a lot of my newly awakened interest in make-up to your beauty posts - they are always making me crave for new stuff ;-). I hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend - grand bisous xxx

  2. Such a happy and fresh manicure, hon! I love every part of it!

    1. Thank you hon <3! I wish I could do freehand flowers like you - this would have catapulted this mani on an entirely different level of awesomeness :-)

  3. Oh wow this is super cute! I really like the little flowers :-)

    1. so happy you like it my dear Ananka - cuddles to your furry babies xxx

  4. Hi Christine! OMG your mani is so beautiful!! Green and pink has got to be one of my favorite color combinations ever, and you combined it like a pro. The dotticure flowers are simple and lovely! Love this!! :D

    Yes I'd love to hear your makeup thoughts. I'm a simple girl too when it comes to makeup, so I'd love to hear others who are the same. :) That MAC blush looks really pretty!

    ~ Yun

    1. Oh Yun - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! And isn't this the happiest color combination EVER? So happy you are riding the same train <3! I am really exited that you liked my makeup part - I will incorporate every so often bits and pieces. What I love about that MAC blush is that it is sheer - yes sheer, as in no restraint slapping it on your cheekbones and still buildable depending on the amount of "swishes" you do. I absolutely loath those highly pigmented blushes that you end up rather taking off than blending in because it makes you look like a clown or a caked-up doll - if you know what I mean. xxx

  5. Ich habe soeben deinen Blog und diese tolle Maniküre entdeckt. Dieser pinkfarbene Nagellack ist der Hammer (verglichen mit den Lacken 288 und 289 von KIKO scheint es, dass dieser pinkfarbene Lack irgendwo dazwischen liegt...hast du einen oder so gar beide dieser Lacke und wenn ja, wie sehen diese Lacke im Vergleich aus?) Die grünen Lacke sind auch sehr toll. Ich habe selbst viele grüne Lacke. Und kombiniert sehen pink und grün immer toll aus. Schade, dass das Porto für Nagellackbestellungen aus den USA immer ziemlich hoch ausfällt.
    Liebe Grüsse

    1. Hallo Nathalie - vielen lieben Dank für Deinen tollen Kommentar! Ich besitze leider nur ganz wenige Kikos und kann die Frage daher nicht beantworten. Das Porto aus USA ist schon happig aber ich bestelle z.B. meine Cult Nails immer als pre-order und bekomme sie daher billiger, das macht dann das Porto wieder wett. Und es ist immer noch billiger als in der Schweiz einen Opi oder Essie im Laden zu kaufen - so ich geh dann mal auf Deine Seite - vielen Dank fürs Vorbeischauen und liebe Grüsse