Friday, 8 August 2014

Pahlish Foolish Fire and Will-O-The-Wisp from the Midsummer Bonfire Set

Yayyyy my dear readers - FRIDAY!! Are you ready for the weekend? In case you are in for some polish-cruising/buying why not heading to Pahlish? They currently offer part of their range as Sale and today I show you two shades from the Midsummer Bonfire Set that currently are on sale.

First up Foolish Fire - a coral neon cream with soft blue and golden red shimmer (quoted of the Pahlish Bigcartel website). I don't know if you realized, but I am not the Blogger to go to when you want to see neons - it is not my favorite kind of polish with two exceptions, one of them are coral neons (oh boy that was hard to photograph and one of the few opportunities where I had to tweak the picture a little bit to give a better color accuracy and despite my best efforts, I still would have to ask you to think the color a tad more into red-coral than shown below):

I applied two coats of Pahlish Foolish Fire over my regular Base Coat. Formula-wise it is a typical neon: streaky and uneven, drying very fast to a satin finish. That being said two medium thick coats with some minutes in-between application did the job. I finished the mani with one coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

And secondly Pahlish Will-O-The-Wisp - a bright lilac cream with lavender, gold, taube and neon purple flake shimmers (as per Pahlish website).

I applied two coats of Will-O-The-Wisp over my regular Base Coat. The formula was so creamy that it can be described as thick - at least it acted like this in the humid weather. You can see the lumps it left on my ring finger - entirely my fault though because I did not wait before applying the second coat - bummer!!! Dry time was fast and it dried to a soft shine finish which I show here - no Top Coat for my tow pictures.

Final thoughts: Both, Pahlish Foolish Fire and Will-O-The-Wisp are so signature Pahlish in my opinion: creams with a twist! I like both with a slight preference of Foolish Fire but only due to the little contrast Will-O-The-Wisp shows against my skin.

I order my Pahlish polishes directly from their own Bigcartel Shop here and both of the shown polishes are currently on sale and retail for USD 7.50 plus shipping.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for stopping by!!!
Christine <3


  1. I'm excited to see these beauts on a full screen because my phone isn't picking up the subtleties of the shimmer. Both sound fantastic, though I'm not a neon person, either... I find Foolish Fire fascinating, being a neon with multicolored shimmer; how awesomely unique! Have a marvelous weekend, sis <3

    1. Thank you friend <3!!! Foolish Fire would be feeling very at home over at yours too - it has that brightness that looks awesome on shorter nails - I tell you, those Pahlish come with a little extra all the time - just like your Celestials in a way - just giving those ole polish colors a twist and turn that makes them so unique - I am right in the middle of a fantastic weekend - I hope you too xxx

  2. I'm really loving Will-O-The-Wisp! It's so cool :-)

    And yah for Friday :-D

    1. Thank you sweetie <3!!! I have to admit, Will-O-The-Wisp continued to grow on me - I never expected it to become so liked by me ;-)

  3. Oh, I would love to get that lilac, it's amazing! Pahlish is one of my fave indie brands of the ones you usually show, specially their cremes with matte glitter, like the one you got for me. I got another one from them and I'm waiting the right occasion to show it in my blog. I didn't know about the sale I should head to their site now to see if that is still on. Thank you dear friend for letting me discover such a wonderful brand!
    Bisous, xxx