Monday, 2 June 2014

Cirque Magnum Opus

I saw quite some posts featuring grey nail polish to raise awareness to brain cancer last week. Of course I missed all of it but working in the field of Oncology myself, raising awareness for any form of cancer is close and dear to me.  So here is my contribution to the brain cancer awareness theme:

Cirque Magnum Opus was released as part of the Alchemy Collection last autumn if I am not mistaken. Magnum Opus is a wonderful mid-toned grey with a very fine holo rainbow. It sparks beautifully in the sun and seems to float on the surface of the nail. On top Magnum Opus fine holo adds an incredible depth to the grey base color. Indoors a soft lilac shine radiated from my nails and the slightest tinge of a holo rainbow was still visible.


I applied two coats of Magnum Opus over Seche Ridge Filler. The formula was thin but wonderful to control and flowed easily on the nails. Given the thin consistency the first coat went on a bit sheer but the second coat provided the perfect opacity shown in my pictures above. Dry time was rather fast.

Final thoughts: What a perfect grey holo - I just love those mid toned greys, they have a minimalistic coolness about them that keeps me captivated, throw in some holo and it morphs into sci-fi-tasticness!

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for passing by!!!
Christine <3


  1. It's very pretty and look stunning in the sunshine. Indoors it does looks slightly purple to me! :-)

  2. One of those lovely grey-colored non-colors. :D Very pretty...and I did not know you worked in the field of oncology! How cool is that??

  3. what a lovely holo! *.* those non colors always look classy and i think the holo ads a little twist to it. i like :D