Saturday, 3 May 2014

Picture Polish Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank-n-Furter

Hello my lovely readers - tell me, did you wake-up this morning thinking that you own all the red polish you ever will need in your life? Well wave bye-bye to that thought and be prepared to meet the absolutely best of the best of the best of bright red polishes (at least in my books).

I am pretty sure by the end of this week, many of you observed that I did a major Picture Polish haul and there is still no end to it ;-). I remember Rocky Horror Picture Show so well - I unfortunately never saw the Musical live but went uncountable times to the movies for it, complete with rice and what have you. There was a tradition here in Basel that the night before carnival starts cinema Capitol would show The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a night session. For many years my friends and I trooped to that show - not that either of us were particularly in for carnival but certainly for Frank Furter and pals… So no wonder, I had to greedily snatch all those Rocky Horror Picture Show polishes the second they became available. Frank-n-Further is "le" perfect classic bright red crelly:

I applied two coats of Frank-n-Furter over my regular Base Coat. Believe me, I have absolutely NEVER applied such a gorgeous crelly before. The first coat went on like silk and covered while not opaque though totally even. The second coat provided the opacity you see in my pictures above, an no, no Top Coat needed for this gorgeousness! In the first picture you might detect a slight shimmer poking through the red - that is the result if using a whitish Base Coat :-(. The shimmer became only visible though after enlarging the photo, so IRL you won't see it.  On the bright side: it might have nudged up the red.

The other day I wore it as NOTD and took a "wheels and nails" picture:

Final thoughts: instead of more words of praise on Picture Polish Frank-n-Further I had a quick look what I noted in my scrap book: 2 coats - plain perfection!

I ordered Picture Polish Frank-n-Further with their own website!

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. It certainly is a very lovely red. :-)

    I discovered a new favourite red the other day, Cranberry Splash by China Glaze. I just loved it and couldn't stop looking at my nails!

  2. No way. You were one of the ones who went to the theater and threw rice and sprayed the water guns and all that?? Wait...wait...let me guess: you were Columbia, complete with fishnets and a top hat?? :P Well...all I can say about this polish is that it's quite possibly the most perfect red ever. Just stunning. <3

  3. Classic red! And I love them theme of this collection. :D

  4. Hehe, yes, I'm certainly missing this one from the reds but maybe not for a long time :D NEED!!

  5. What a fun memory! I know next to nothing about the show, only that I've at least attempted to watch it but that it leaves a rather peculiar taste in my mouth, and that "Let's do the time warp todaaaaay!" is a popular stanza. This is a gorgeous red. So nice of Picture Polish to create a perfect excuse to buy more of yet another color you and I have more than our fair share of ;)