Tuesday, 11 March 2014

ILNP Kings & Queens

There is yet another purple holo in ILNP's new Spring collection - and that one is a class of it's own: deep, rich in its base and throwing off blinding holo rainbows if hit by the sun and displaying a soft golden shine in the shade - I will not go all wordy about King & Queens but let the pictures do all the talking:

and ILNP Kings & Queens indoors in daylight

I applied two coats of ILNP Kings & Queens over Essence Hardening Nail Base. The formula is reminiscent of a crelly so the first coat goes on a tad sheer. A medium thick second coat provides this lush opacity as shown in the pictures. Again - IRL the holo was way more prominent - the lens of my iPhone seemed to have swallowed the turquoise, prominent holos. At least on some of my nails you can get an idea of the intensity, but no matter how many pictures I snapped, none would show the rainbow as strong on all of my nails - alas, it is what it is….. Dry time was quite OK and the surface dried to a soft shine.

Final thoughts: OK I am seriously into purple holos - coming to think of it, this is probably my favorite base color for holos, be it light, vibrant or deep.

I ordered ILNP Kings & Queens with their own website here.

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