Thursday, 16 January 2014

Smitten Polish Pink Goes Good With Green

On to my second new rule for my Blog: showing an older untried! The downside with this plan is, that many Indie polishes have vanished at this time but oh well….

Smitten Polish Pink Goes Good With Green is one of those that I don't think it is available anymore. It is a lovely minty green filled with small and smaller pink glitters and minty green small glitter.

I applied three coats of Smitten Polish Pink Goes Good With Green over Essence Hardening Nail Base. It has THE perfect formula for a color based glitter. The formula is not very pigmented but the consistency is nearly cream like. The first coat goes on very sheer but pretty even - I only had one "paler" patch on my nails. Given this first even coat the mani can be build to a nice an even opacity. The glitter is spreading nicely and I had no issues with clumping or dragging. Yes, it dries bumpy but one coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl was enough to give a smooth, shiny finish.

Final thoughts: those minty greens are definitely outside my comfort zone but Pink Goes Good With Green is a lovely, girly polish and I was really astonished that it didn't turn my hands into those dreaded piggy claws! As mentioned above, this cuteness is not available anymore but there are some similar polishes out there - the first that comes to my mind would be KBShimmer Spring Training, though that one has a lot more going on than Pink Goes Good With Green. As spring collections will pop up over the next couple of weeks and months I am sure there will be more minty pastels with glitter out there, should you want to add one to your collection.

I ordered Smitten Polish Pink Goes Good With Green with Llarowe.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. I love minties!! It looks beautiful on you hon!

    1. Hi Ina, we can form a team of fans of minties, right? - thank you sweetie xxx

  2. Mint green looks gorgeous on you, I don't know why u say they're out of your comfort zone? have I misread? This is so pretty, and screams "SPRING PLEASE", Lol !
    bisous ma biche xxx

    1. Thank you dear Nati <3! Sometimes we need to be convinced by others that something is looking good. I say comfort zone, because I tend to reach for dark or bold colors left and right and neglect the softer shades - thank you for reassuring me xxx! And yes, spring please is the perfect slogan for this polish - bisous ma belle xxx