Sunday, 19 January 2014

Nail Pattern Boldness Inner Beauty is for Amateurs

And yet another older untried of my stash: Nail Pattern Boldness Inner Beauty is for Amateurs is a red jelly filled with twinkling tiny winy micro glitter glinting in rainbow colors mostly though in a vivid purple.

the first two pictures are taken indoors in day and artificial light, the below photo outside in the shade

I applied two coats of Nail Pattern Boldness Inner Beauty is for Amateurs over Essence Hardening Nail Base. Now application was a tad tricky. The formula was slightly gluey but not yet to the point where a drop of thinner has to be added. I was delighted to find the first coat applying evenly, despite the somewhat challenging formula. Upon the second coat I achieved the perfect crelly-opacity - meaning with just a hint of VNL if you wear your nails longer. The surface dried plain gritty due to the micro glitters though my holy grail of Top Coats - Glisten&Glow HK Girl works well enough to had it smoothed out at one coat only. Now I didn't wear this mani for more than a day so if I would have worn it a second day, another layer of Top Coat might have been needed but for as long as I had it on my nails no grits resurfaced.

And I wanted to give my Cult Nails Wax That Top Coat a go and look what it would morph Inner Beauty is for Amateurs to:

the above pictures are taken indoors in day and artificial light, the below photo outside in the shade

Of course the wax finish brings any imperfection more into visibility, still, I liked the saturated glow of the red crelly tremendously.

Final thoughts: I love red nail polish - after all my addiction to nail polish started out in the attempt to find the perfect red (little did I know back then, there are plenty of perfect reds out there). And for a while I found it hard to find red based Indies - you remember, they started out with glitters mostly. Nail Pattern Boldness Inner Beauty is for Amateurs was my first red based Indie and the nice thing: it is available to the day!!!

I bought Nail Pattern Boldness Inner Beauty is for Amateurs with Llarowe.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for stopping by - have a wonderful Sunday my dears!!!



  1. What a beautiful juicy polish! <3 And those tiny sparkles make it look like magical maraschino marvelousness!!

    1. Maraschino magic - you crack me up with your food references!!! And you are so right, it indeed has this red of those maraschino cherries!!! Thank you dear <3

    2. Thank you, now I am truly desiring some maraschino cherries!! :P Seriously, I like to just eat a few every now & then!
      I love this polish on you! It's like a classic red with a glam twist (aka "tiny winy micro glitter" LOLOL!!) And I must confess, I HAD to buy a bottle of polish from Llarowe when I saw this brand name in their totally cracks my pun loving heart up! So I got Hello Sweetie, which really is a fun and pretty jelly as well. :) Hmmm speaking of, I think I need to dig that one out and wear it again, now that I know how to take better photos! Out of curiosity, is IBIFA a new one or an older discontinued?
      P.S. your idea to use the Cult Nails topcoat is genius! It gives IBIFA a totally different look and feel, which I LOVE. :D

    3. IBIFA - Emily you crack me up :-D!!!! Thank you friend and when I did this post I checked Llarowe and it was still there. There is a restock and new colors launch of NPB on Llarowe today, just in case ;-)! And Melissa really rocks those food comparisons, she always floors me with them. Let me check out Hello Sweetie now - *hugs*

  2. This polish is gorgeous! I love how juicy it looks. It looks stunning on you!

  3. Gorgeous red, and suits you perfectly! I find cool tone red clash a little with my skin tone, so I only own one! haha
    I'm undecise aout the wax finish, I like it, but Iprefer this polish glossy.
    Btw, I got the glisten and glow topcoat! I mean I ordered it... them, two bottles. I somehow had to justify the shipping rates, LOL!
    I can't wait for them to arrive! Thank you for the great tip, I'm sure I will be the happiest with this HG topcoat :)
    bisous, xxx

  4. Oh, these must be different batches, besides the color difference, mine wasn't a crelly (which I secretly wished :D )