Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Polished Marvels Review of 2013 Part I - Brands

Welcome to the review of my nail polish year 2013! Now is it only me or was there really a burst of launches of new brands this year??? The popularity of online selling platforms like Etsy and Bigcartel or e-tailers like Llarowe, Harlow & Co, MeiMei Signatures et al certainly own their share in the explosion of available brands. No matter what part of this globe you call home, you can get your nails on nearly any brand out there. But let's set aside those general musings and get down to business:

I split my review in four parts:

Favorite Boutique and big brands
Favorite Indie Brands
Favorite nail polishes
Favorite new Brand

Today let's shed some light on my favorite Boutique Brands and big brands, though this review goes without the fab four Opi, China Glaze, Essie and Zoya and not in favorite but alphabetical order:

A England:
Adina graces us with divine small collections devoted to unique themes picked from the field of arts and history. I realized that I own nearly all polishes by A Englands!!!

A England Briar Rose from the Burne Jones Collection original post

Butter London certainly belongs into my list favorites as well, notorious in releasing the most unexpected shades and finishes and trend wise clearly to be considered Avantgarde:

Butter London Indigo Punk over A England Camelot original post

I am also a coveted Cultie - read fan of Cult Nails! Maria's Collections are small to medium and wonderfully complementing each other as well as the already existing range. I can get those without thinking twice as the formula is reliably superb, the colors and finishes unique.

Cult Nails Let's Get Dirty from the In the Garden Collection original post

You know what I have been missing the last couple of months? Any sighting of a new Collection by Nfu Oh! They have released two beautiful collections early this year: Noblesse for Spring and Morning of Greece for summer and since have vanished from my nail polish radar. Honestly, I miss them…. If any of you would know anything about new collections by Nfu Oh, I would be grateful if you could drop a line or two in the comments section - thank you!

Nfu Oh Mor 11 from the Morning of Greece Collection original post

I think all of you know how much I adore Picture Polish and their happy scattering of launches of small collections sometimes they are Collaboration Shades created by famous bloggers from around the world, sometimes they are own creations, sometimes they jumble them together.  Think any shade, any finish - Picture Polish has them all! One of their signature formulas are scattered holo jellies hence my choice was not too difficult:

Picture Polish Cosmos Collaboration Shade created by Pshiiit Boutique original post

Formula wise all of the above listed brands are impeccable (well, we do forgive the one or the other glitch - no?). All of these brands approach the creation of a new collection very individually and not necessarily tied to a Season. Cult Nails and Picture Polish have a well balanced release of permanent and limited edition shades. All of them (with the exception of Nfu Oh unfortunately) are easily accessible either on their own website or through numerous e-tailers.

That was Part I of my Review of 2013 - to be continued……….

What were you favorite brands - any of the above? Have any of you also neglected the fab four this year?

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. I have no experience with Nfu Oh products, but agree with all the others....looking forward to your upcoming other parts to this year end wrap up...

    1. Thank you so much my dear <3. Sadly Nfu Oh is not very widely known, their range of polishes is really great and they have the most wonderful flakies out there…. Now I go back to working on Part II of my wrap-up ;-)

  2. I would have to agree with Butter London :) What a great idea for a review of 2013. This is fun!!!

    1. Hi Essie, thank you :-) - I am glad you like my take on wrapping up 2013 - hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas <3

  3. NFU Oh MOR11 <3 ! Great minds think alike :D

    1. My thoughts exactly when I was over at yours ;-) xxx

  4. Burne-Jones was amazing and definitely a standout of 2013 in my book, as well. This very AE polish you've featured here was my gateway ♥ And, your thoughts on Butter London mirror my own. WHY ARE YOU IN MY HEAD, SIS??!!?!? ♥♥♥

  5. Great and awesome review! :D Will make sure I read all of them.
    I guess I've neglected the fab 4 this year, the indies have been too exciting. I've also been out of job a large part of the year so I guess I've been more picky than usual too, only the most interesting/unique (according to what I already got has been bought) From the brands you showed above I only have a couple of A England but I've been planning on getting more of the brands above. We'll see what I'll be.. ;)