Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My choices for the Holidays - another one: Isadora Rocky Ruby over Isadora Mulberry Wine

Last week ended on a happy and exiting tone: On Friday evening I found the Christmas package from my wonderful friend Jezz from Little Miss Nailpolish. To put it short and sweet, I got spoiled rotten - beautiful Limited Edition polishes from Depend, a Gina Tricot, UP Color, H&M nailpolish and last but not least two Isadoras which became my favorite mainstream brand over the course of this year. And these two work so spectacular together that I decided to wear them for todays End of the Year Party of my company.

Isadora Mulberry Wine is a blackened base filled with purple leaning red shimmer, like if you look into a bottle of old Bordeaux wine - and yes, it reminded me of Opi Midnight in Moscow too. Isadora Rocky Ruby is from their new holographic line (well it is a mix of normal glitter and holographic glitter). Rocky Ruby holds small red glitter, holographic rainbow micro glitter and bigger silver square glitters that also flash rainbow holo.

the above pictures are taken indoors in daylight, the below photo in artificial light

I applied two coats of Isadora Mulbery Wine, the formula is well pigmented though a tad thin. Still the polish went on effortlessly and was easy to control. Dry time is rather fast. I waited a couple of minutes before I slapped on one coat of Isadora Rocky Ruby. Now this is a perfect glitter: the formula was thin enough to spread the glitter nice and even on the nail, I just had to dab some glitter here and there on a few bald spots around the edges of the nail. The glitter lays nice and flat on the nail and no particles poke over the tips of the nails or clump in heaps. As to be expected with such glitters, it dries fast to a dull finish though absolutely smooth, one coat of my new favorite Top Coat Glisten & Glow HK Girl added the perfect amount of maximal shine.

And this is Isadora Mulberry Wine on its own - so dark and vampy though never looking black

Since I referred to Opi Midnight in Moscow at the beginning of this post, I didn't wanted to skip a comparison (pinkie and middle finger: Isadora Mulberry Wine, ring and index: Opi Midnight in Moscow):

OK as for the differences: Isadora Mulberry Wine has more shimmer, leans into purple and never looks black while the shimmer in Opi Midnight in Moscow operates more in the background, read: looks nearly black in most lights and is a dark brown leaning red. The biggest difference though is the formula. Isadora Mulberry Wine is miles ahead of Opi Midnight in Moscow which is sheer and thin with a tendency to act runny if too much polish travels on the brush. It is a no-brainer which of the two I prefer ;-).

Final thoughts: Yep, me and my vampies, I just love them and Mulberry Wine is perfectly fitting in. Rocky Ruby is a surprise - what a versatile and beautiful glitter, I already plan on what other colors I could layer it over, grey? Dark taupe?  Jezz - thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made me totally happy and unwrapping all those beauties made me squeal of joy repeatedly - Nell didn't approve - LOL!!!

In Switzerland Isadora is available with Douglas stores.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Nice combination with the two! :D I think I got mulberry wine and it's a nice color.

  2. Hi pet! This looks so amazing! My plan wasn't to combine them but your eye for colors is impeccable! They are a match made in heaven! Wow!!! It looks so good on you too! Mulberry Wine is perfect to your skin tone! What a splendid comparison too! I didn't know those two were so alike! :D Send Nell my apologies! Won't send you such great beauties again ;) Just kidding! Will find you even more beauties next time - I hope! Have a great evening hon! Viele Küsshen!!! xxx

  3. Wow...I bet you were blinding everybody at the party with this lovely combo! Yikes, I hope that doesn't mean they took away your year end bonus, LOL! :P Don't you just love limited edition stuff? I know I have been having fun with my American drugstore limiteds. :D