Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Bits and pieces from the week before Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you my dear readers!!! I hope you are as lucky as me to spend the coming days with loved ones!!!

Much to my own surprise, this last week before the Holidays proved to be one long mad dash and I am definitely NOT the Christmas type, we ceased gifts ages ago, I never decorated my apartment ever,  and along with my divorce more than a decade ago I shed my cooking and baking tools and haven't missed them since. But on to the presence:

Every year the department I work for holds a huge End of the Year Party - mind you we count three hundred plus bodies, so this is a huge event per se. And we all have one thing in common - we just LOVE dancing, we rather have water and bread for dinner than skip a DJ. I do not go every year but this year I enlisted and what a great evening we had. I am never sitting with my own little team but with friends and colleagues I else rarely get the opportunity to spend time with - we had such a great time. 

see all those empty chairs? All of them are up on the dance floor!!!

And look how beautiful our city has decorated the bridges over the Rhine for Christmas:

On Friday I went with a bunch of friends to Freiburg in Germany for a pre-Christmas shopping spree. I have no idea how many miles we walked but while on our way TO Freiburg the train compartment was filled with our chatter, it was remarkably quiet on the way back and all of us tried to find a way to put our feet up - LOL, not to mention the hassle we had to stuff all the bags someplace!!!

It is now more than one and a half years ago I last bought some clothes - I wanted to find out how long I can go without any new stuff. Next to the bags and cardigans I bought in Amsterdam this last Friday was the first time I actually bought some clothes for me and since many of the places already offered 30 % to 50 % sale, I took a mad dive and stocked up my by now frankly a bit worn and used wardrobe. Below are pictures of three of my new purchases along with polishes from the most awesome Christmas box I received from my sister in polish Pri from Brazil, Pri, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, friendship and being here for me any day, any time - oh I got too spoiled this Season:

So having be out and about every other day, there was a member in my household who was less than thrilled at the disrupted routine, not to mention that Nell had to endure his yearly visit with the vet (he is healthy and fit from fang to claw)

So this was my week before Christmas - I hope yours was as colorful and beautiful as mine - have a lovely day!!!


  1. I wünsche dir wunderschöni Wiehnachte! I höckle iz grad im Zug Richtig alti Heimat, zersch mit mire beste Fründin u mitem Gottebueg ga fire, am Abe när mit Familie u Schatz. Mir tüe no Gschänkle, drum hani Gepäck drbi wi fr drü Wuche Ferie... ;-)

    1. Das wünsch ich Dir au <3! Ich hoff Du wirdsch e wunderschöns Fest ha und e schöni Zyt - ich mues langsam in d'Gäng cho - mini Nägel sind scho agmolt, de Rest hinggt aber no bös hinte dry ;-P - e druggi und e schmutz xxx

  2. Lovely post, Christine ♥ First off, your End Of The Year party looks completely fab-- "we rather have water and bread for dinner than skip a DJ"-- I love it, for as much as I love feasting on good food, dancing trumps it all and the fact that you're all living it up on the dance floor... wonderful, just wonderful! And your shot of the bridge decorations on the Rhine is just lovely and inspired a slight tinge of jealousy as I'd love to someday be able to spend Christmas in your part of the world. That tinge held on for *just* a bit longer with your shot of your friends shopping. What a charming street! Would that my own local shopping districts were so pretty. One of the college towns an hour and a half away has a similar quality. C and I have become very practical and methodical in our Christmas shopping (and shopping in general, really) and most of our shopping is done either online or at the store where my pharmacy is located. Hooray for workplace discounts ;) I do like your notion of seeing how long you could go without buying something new. I may give that a shot sometime. I *have* to have at least a couple new pieces each season so it would be a huge exercize in discipline for me. I love the prints you chose-- the sweater in the middle looks particularly fun :) And what a good friend you have in Pri! All those Jades, and I think I see a few Penelope Luz polishes in there, too :D And, thumbs up for a fit and healthy Nell ♥♥

    1. Thank you dear Liesl xxx! Be sure, C and you would be welcome here and I would show you the prettiest and nicest corners and places to shop, feed, have fun, relax in my area - and of course the Black Forest is not far away, neither are the Alps. I just imagine us shopping in that little street - you would have had a field day with all those small shops and boutiques. But then we dream of your malls and the comfort of being in ONE place finding everything while the above offers miles by foot and not necessarily the items you were looking for. And frankly, ever since I met you, I long to go back to the US West Coast, I loved it there however short my time was I spent in Oregon…. You might laugh at this, but that sweater dress in the middle reminded me of you when I found it on the rack and I immediately thought "Liesl would go for this number" - at 30 % discount even more so, no? Following you on IG shows me that you must live in a very nice area too with dairy farms and plenty of space for a nice jog. Workplace discounts - history for me. I just get a discount on company produced stuff in the Campus pharmacy. All other discounts have been cancelled - a sign to the employees that we need to save money - as if I need a reminder, our office supply became so cheap and rudimentary that I started buying my own. I never thought I could go THAT long without buying new clothes but what got it started was simply that I had so much stuff I loved and wore hardly ever because there was such a heap of clothes. That being said, let's put a veil of mercy over my collection of nail polish, I am afraid my urge to add something new to my belongings was simply deflected. But then I would never have started blogging which inevitably leads to not having met you - an unimaginable scenario :-o. Yes, Pri sent me three Penelope Luz polishes, one of them a gold topper - didn't you review that baby over at yours? I want to try it over Opi Lincoln Park after dark, I envision this a perfect match. Nell is is fluffy naughty self after having been really fed-up after the above described week - mummy had way to little time to spoil him and all in all he found this week one of the more miserable ones this year - LOL!!! Let's hope we can enjoy shopping one day together, be it over at yours or here with me - *hugs* - <3