Friday, 15 November 2013

Comparison week: KBShimmer Myth You Lots vs Enchanted Polish Octopus's Garden

If you read this on 14 November it means that I had enough sunshine to do another comparison with one of my new KBShimmers ;-)!!! Again, already the pictures of bottles of Myth You Lots reminded me of another gorgeous Enchanted Polish: Octopus's Garden (probably my favorite EP).

Pinkie: three coats of Enchanted Polish Octopus's Garden on its own
Ring: three coats of Myth You Lots on its own
Middle: one coat of Enchanted Polish Octopus's Garden over one coat of Cult Nails Nevermore (black cream)
Index: one coat of Myth You Lots over one coat of Nevermore.

Color: Myth You Lots is less pigmented and the purple base color is no as prominent as with Octopus's Garden. But otherwise the colors seem to me identical.
Holo: Myth You Lots clearly has a stronger holo
Multichrome: Due to the sheerness of Myth You Lots the multi chrome effect works better with Octopus's Garden
Formula: Myth You Lots and Octopus's Garden both have a thin formula and Myth You Lots is even sheerer than Octopus's Garden. Application is equally easy and flawless for both of them as dry time with both is about the same.
Costs: Myth You Lots costs CAD 9.25, Octopus's Garden USD 15.00
Availability: Myth You Lots is available with Harlow & Co., Octopus's Garden currently is sold out wherever I checked. Please follow Enchanted Polish for any restock information or for example Pshiiit Boutique.

the weather was horrible when I took those pictures and no matter what I tried, the water bowl shot would not work out - therefore a simple outdoor picture

The similarity between Myth You Lots and Octopus's Garden is even stronger than between Pretty in Punk and Hey Jude. I have to admit, I am smitten by the quality and the beauty of the KBShimmer multi-chrome holos!! And while I love Enchanted Polish dearly, I cannot get my mind set to hunting them down around the globe and rather reach for KBShimmer Myth You Lots. Also I do like the strong holo effect and the multi chrome color shifts.

Last but not least a picture of my Cinderella hand - I wear two coats of Myth You Lots over Cult Nails Nevermore:

And - what are your thoughts for those two pals? - I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for dropping by!!!


  1. Crazy beautiful! Those mulitchrome holograohic polishes are to die for. I can't decide which one of them I prefer, they seem similar to me, but I must say I preferred them layered over black, somehow they gained more depth in the colors.

    I'd also like to say that I've nominated you to a versatile blogger award. I'm not sure if you been nominated before, but I wanted to give you one anyhow. More info about it at my blog. :)

  2. So...yeah. I'm kind of feeling the Beatles theme and I might just have to try stalking Enchanteds. Both are gorgeous, and it's just incredible how concurrent these two collections are.