Sunday, 24 November 2013

A personal post - Amsterdam

I did not reply to any of your comments - I did not comment on any Blogs, because: I was away on a mini-vacation with a bunch of friends. We went to a shopping trip to Amsterdam. One of the advantages living in Switzerland is its central location in Europe: you can get anywhere in no time. It took us all of one hour and fifteen minutes to fly from Basel to Amsterdam!!!

The benefit of dragging oneself out of bed before 4 am is to get a full day of shopping!!! We arrived timely for breakfast in Amsterdam. We stayed at the Hampshire Rembrandt Square, right in the middle of Amsterdam.
My room:

 and my bathroom

Over those two days we walked something like 26 km in stop-and-go mode. Shopping with 7 people means doing tons of shops!!! I just love this kind of shopping experience - it is so much fun with an army of people shouting and commenting on any item you ogle and intend to buy. Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen the one or the other picture already:

I shopped some gifts for my sister and my friends. For myself I got two cardigans, a pair of shoes and two bags. My favorite item is the bag I bought with Urban Outfitters:

And we went to our favorite restaurant: Cau - that is if you love meat… 

Those two days passed within the blink of an eye - we had a gorgeous time and certainly will roam Amsterdam again

Would you believe, I did not look at a single bottle of nail polish in those two days - but of course I want to show you what I had on my nails:

Isn't O'Hara just GORGEOUS!!!! I loved looking at its sparkle and shine and after two days my mani didn't look any more tired than my feet felt.

Only downside: I managed to kill my Kindle when returning home. The Boarding Crew would not let me carry my hand luggage AND my handbag - I had to squeeze my bag into the suitcase. Well, to make the long story short, I could not close the suitcase unless kneeling on it, and my Kindle didn't survive the torture:

Rescue came quickly - a friend of mine had a Kindle unused at home :-D!!!!!

Back home, I will also be back to my routine - stay tuned for another themed week!!! Thanks for passing by - Christine


  1. Looks Iike a fun trip...hate it when that stuff happens like that with flight crews and bag counts and something getting damaged in all the rush :S

  2. So awesome that you had a wonderful time! You are so lucky to live in Europe, so close to many awesome destinations. :D O'Hara is gorgeous on you!

    ~ Yun

  3. Hi pet! You seem to have had a wonderful time! I've been to Amsterdam once and I loved it! You sure did some great shopping and O'Hara is simply stunning! Great choice for a mini break! Sorry to hear about the breakage but it seems to have worked out for you in the end :) Viele Küsschen!! xxx
    PS. I've missed speaking to you! Let's chat some evening! <3

  4. Oh Christine, what a great shopping adventure! It seems you had a great time :D
    Bisous ma biche xxx

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us! I can't believe I missed all of these posts from you. It looks like you had a great trip...sorry to hear about your Kindle. I love mine and couldn't live without it. Also, that handbag stood out to me while scrolling through your pictures. I may need to see if UO sells it online!!!!