Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cult Nails Flushed

Sunday a week ago I posted an Indie nail polish shopping guide. I am continuing this week with my guide, introduction, overview of smaller nail polish brands and indies. Before we dive into the "hardcore" indie nail polish world, I will talk about those smaller nail polish brands and "exotic" nail polish brands. I put "exotic" into hyphenation marks deliberately because somehow this is totally based on where you are living on this planet - but I save some more elaborate comments for my tomorrow's post…

Today it is all about Cult Nails, a US based smaller nail polish company. Cult Nails releases several small sized collections per year - they can hold any number of bottles, like one released early this year holding only three polishes up to six bottles. Their stock is mixed with permanent colors and with Limited Editions, so if you are not willing or able to jump on a release of a new collection you are able to order many of their beautiful polishes at any later stage. I always buy my Cult Nails with their own webshop here (in case you don't know that website, please take a moment to go and have a look, but only after finished reading my post ;-P).

So, to represent Cult Nails I have chosen Flushed - a blue leaning purple jelly loaded with magenta micro shimmer-glimmer:
 indoors in daylight:

 outdoors in the sun

 outdoors in the shade

Two coats was all there was needed to achieve this level of opacity. The formula is a true jelly but rather pigmented. It flows on the nail easy and evenly and has a nice self leveling quality. Dry time is neat and fast. It shines very nicely on its own but I finished the mani with Cult Nails own Top Coat Wicked Fast (wicked awesome topper b.t.w.). Formula wise it might be noteworthy, that when I wear my nails longer, I usually go for a third coat to cover a very slight VNL.

I remembered that I wanted to do a comparison of my purple based jellies with shimmer since quite a while - so here we go:

Ring: Takko Lacquer Kiss The Sky - three coats
Pinkie and Middle: Cult Nails Flushed - two coats
Index: Elevation Polish Mount Cangyan - three coats

As the coats of polish may indicate, Kiss The Sky and Mount Cangyan are less pigmented than Flushed. Formula wise all three of them are superb. Mount Cangyan is not fitting in here as it clearly is crimson versus the blue toned purple of Flushed and Kiss The Sky.  Kiss The Sky has a duo chrome shift in the shimmer on top glowing green at certain angles and the shimmer particles are red and clearly bigger than in the other two polishes. The shimmer in Flushed and Mount Cangyan are similar, the base of the latter is more red toned though.

You can order Cult Nails at the following e-shops as well
- Harlow & Co
- Llarowe
- there might be others but I am not aware of them here and now

Phew - if you read this line, you went through the whole monster post - thank you for bearing with me!!!



  1. It looks beautiful on you. I have this and have only worn it once. I am wearing a nude polish right now - maybe I'll take it off tonight and throw on this beauty :)

    1. Awww thank you xxx!!! You are wearing nude? Now I want to wear nude polish too!!! As we already stated - great minds think alike ;-)!!!

  2. This is so pretty! Love the pink shimmers against the purple base! :)

    1. Thank you so much - your swatches have inspired me to show this one ;-) <3

  3. Hahaha, yes, indeed exotic takes on different meanings depending on your own location. Wherever you are not, the polish there is exotic, at least that's my take :) I'm so enjoying this series, Christine! And Flushed... My gosh, I need this in my life. I'm getting closer and closer to Cult-dom.

    1. Hi sis - thank you <3 I knew you would pick up on my rambling over the "exotic nail polish" term :-D!!!! Thank you - ahhhh one step closer to become a Cultie - you won't get disappointed, I know it ;-) xxx

  4. Oh, Christine! I'm in love! I need to have this one it's just so gorgeous!! It looks fascinating on you! Of the comparisons you've made Cult nails flushed is my favourite.
    Thank you sweetie for sharing such a gorgeousness <3, bisous, xxx

    1. Salut ma belle - I have to admit, this is very Nati ;-)!!! I am glad that my comparisons have given you some more conviction that Flushed is nearly a MUST in a polish stash ;-) - bisous ma belle and I hope you have a wonderful week xxx

  5. You had me at "a true jelly but rather pigmented." The End. :P