Sunday, 20 October 2013

Comparison post Darling Diva Bohemian Rhapsody vs Enchanted Polish Hey Jude

Any of you tried to haul some Enchanted Polish with Pshiiit Boutique today? Well I did and SUCCESS - Mr. Burgundy and Yesterday both will be mine!!! I started on buying Enchanted Polish way before there was a global hype about this brand and these days I mostly cannot get bothered with all the frenzy around ordering any - sites are crashing, endless waiting time and what have you. With Llarowe the traffic on the site was so heavy and the drama grew so big that Leah Ann finally decided to not keep Enchanted Polish in her stock. Now with Pshiiit Boutique it was slightly easier - probably because Camille doesn't ship worldwide.

But this is not to ramble on internet traffic jams but a comparison. I have seen pictures of Darling Diva Bohemian Rhapsody and wanted to give it a try - frankly, it did remind me of Enchanted Polish Hey Jude. And of course because I am a fan of the early Queen (mind you we are talking music here, not the QUEEN herself). Bohemian Rhapsody - no need to introduce that song - from their epic album "A Night at the Opera"!!! Enough talk and on to a ton of pictures:

First a comparison of the bottles:

left: Enchanted Polish Hey Jude, right Darling Diva Bohemian Rhapsody 

 above pictures indoors in daylight, below in artificial light

outdoors in the shade:

 now let's get down to business and ogle those outdoors-in-the-sun photos:

 I was already done with the pictures and was just doing a final twist and turn of my hand and then I saw THIS:

I applied three coats of each of the polishes on their own. OK so Darling Diva formula was nice enough but it had a tendency to behave like some of those naughty holos - i.e. bald spots and patchy and dragging (see my ring finger). I did use regular base coat vs Aqua Base Coat though. The formula of Hey Jude was very much like any Enchanted Polish, sheer but buildable and acting perfectly nice with my regular base coat.

Differences: Now I was astonished how silvery and turquoise leaning Darling Diva Bohemian Rhapsody looked next to Hey Jude - I wonder how those bloggers achieved such a green finish…. But then Hey Jude is really green - maybe when worn on its own Bohemian Rhapsody looks different….
Final thoughts: Except for that picture in the shade the differences between these two polishes are remarkable and I certainly wouldn't call them anything except maybe 2nd grade cousins. Formula wise I honestly find Darling Diva has room to grow (but it was not unmanageable). Still it is an utterly pretty shade and I just love how the holo sparkles and glints in the sun!!!

Did any of you get any of the Darling Diva Queen Collection polishes?

I ordered Darling Diva Bohemian Rhapsody with Llarowe.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Great comparison (I just LOVE these posts!!!) even though they didn't turn out as alike as it first seemed. I think both are worthy to own but maybe I'd favor Bohemian Rhapsody only because it was greener and I'm such a softy for green shades. :D

    1. Hi sweetie!!! Awww I am glad you liked it!!! I also like both and I honestly just wonder in what light those pictures I have seen were taken in....

  2. Both are very pretty, and you did a great job comparing them! I have a hard time telling which one I like better - I obviously like the brighter colour shifts in the EP, but the more silvery tone of the DD is great as well. :)

    1. Thank you Meghan!!! I think it is so difficult to decide which one to like better because they are both beautiful yet have enough differences to justify owning both :-)

  3. Both look really beautiful! I guess one needs them both :P

    1. Thank you dear Ina <3 - and I came to the same conclusion - I am glad I own both ;-)