Sunday, 7 April 2013

My NOTDs of the Week

I had a week off and next to doing plenty of household chores there was plenty of time to do NAILS!!! To even sweeten things M sponsored me some serious nailpolish - two of them are further down this post.

I was nearly obsessed with La Couleur Couture 1972 - I already posted about this - and wore it (that was before the mosaic Skittlette) with an accent nail using Opi Don't Burst My Bubble and Opi Which is Witch?:

I applied two coats of La Couleur Couture 1972 over Essence XXL Nail Thickener. For the accent nail I applied two coats Opi Don't Burst My Bubble to my ring finger and one coat of Opi Which is Witch? Very soft and delicate.

Come Tuesday I was still in the mood for soft and delicate. From Opi's Wizard of Oz Collection I only picked two polishes, Witch is Which? is featured above, my second pick was Don't Burst My Bubble. Worn on its own it looks like this:

To amp up the look I applied one coat of Picture Polish Mardi Gras:

I love the small sized glitters of Picture Polish. They are not super densely filled with glitter but their consistency is perfect and dries down to a smooth finish.

As mentioned above M was incredibly sweet and sponsored me some nailpolish - swoon!!! On top of my wishlist sat Dior Diablotine - somehow my nails urge for happy and bright corals at this time of the year.

The application was a DREAM, dry time fantastic!!! It dries down to a slightly dull finish due to the amount of sparkle in it, on the above picture I have not applied any Top Coat yet to show the shine induced by the sparkle.

M was really generous and I could get another Dior. I choose Pourpre Revolution - this was released I believe in Fall 2012 (but am not sure here). It is the darkest possible purple looking just a hairline off black.

Again application is a dream and Pourpre Revolution dries down to an incredibly high shine. I used two coats of Dior Pourpre Revolution over Essence XXL Nail Thickener. I finished the look with Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer.

I am a Cultie and of course pre-ordered the Cult Nails Spring 2013 In The Garden Collection. Right now I am counting the days to the anticipated shipping on 10 April - from there it is probably another 10-12 days until these babies arrive at their new home. To sweeten my waiting anxiety I threw Cult Nails Afterglow from their Behind Closed Doors Collection onto my nails.

I know, I know, this is more of a wintery shade. But then I find it just too beautiful to wear it only during winter. I applied three thin coats over Essence XXL Nail Thickener (this is NOT the ideal base coat for Cult Nails - it causes the tiniest polish shrinkage, but nothing that tip-wrapping could not handle). The consistency is sheer - the first coat looked very see-through and a bit streaky but it built up nicely in three coats. I used Butter London Hardwear to finish the look.

Do you have any favorites here?

I bought the polishes at the following places:
Dior Diablotine and Dior Pourpre Revolution at Magasins Globus
Opi Don't Burst My Bubble and Opi Witch is Which? with Nailetc.
La Couleur Couture 1972 with Harlow & Co
Cult Nails Afterglow with Cult Nails own website

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. LOVE the La Couleur Couture 1972 mani with an accent nail - my fave out of the bunch :)

    1. thank you Vicky :-) Lilac is so gorgeous for spring and for wearing accent nails with it and for nailart and... The quality of La Couleur Couture is AMAZEBALLS <3

  2. Oh,I love Diablotine! And Mardi Gras!

    1. Hi Ina, thank you so much <3!!! Diablotine is so saturated and vivid, I felt totally summery even though here as well we still wear thick winter coats and boots ;-). And Mardi Gras is one of the most versatile glitters I own <3

  3. Christine, I'm drooling here! could not pick a favourite for my life! Both the Dior colours look amazing, and the cult nails is gorgeous on you.
    Yet, a question: have you seen Spring around Basel? Because here...NADA.

    1. Hi Nati, awww so happy you like my choices <3!!!! I cannot pick a favorite either. If I would have to go on an island and could pick only one it would be Pourpre Revolution though - vampy shades are still my top favorites ;-)!!! Spring in Basel RIEN!!! Though just this afternoon I have seen plenty of bushes that nearly burst with leaves ready to sprout, I guess if the forecast for the weekend comes true plant life will explode :-) - finally. Hope the same goes for Bienne - Bisous xxx