Sunday, 24 March 2013

My NOTDs of the week

This was such an exiting week nailpolish wise - not only did I really enjoy each and every polish I wore but received also some of my anxiously awaited nail polish orders.

But rewind to Monday. I am still having some Zoya Pixie polishes to wear. This week it was Nyx' turn:

Again application was easy and wonderful, I did three thin coats and used Zoya Anchor Base Coat. Since I totally love the textured finish look, I did not apply a Top Coat. Much to my surprise I felt a bit meh about Nyx, I expected to be it more blue and less grey and IRL it hardly ever looked as blue as in my picture.

On Tuesday my order of Takko Lacquers from Mei Mei's Signature arrived. As of late I have become a big Takko Lacquer fan and my wishlist is still quite long despite my most recent splurge. This is Takko Lacquer Ooh La La:

This is one of the most amazing polishes I own and despite all the efforts I put in taking pictures it was close to impossible to catch the delicate awesomness of it. Ooh La La is a mauve base loaded with micro shimmer particles that shift from blue to an intense turquoise - even in the shade some of the shimmer is visible at all times. But wait - this is just part one - on top of it the Ooh La La is filled to the gills with soft pink/mauve flakies that can take on a coppery shine when hit by light.

I applied three effortless coats over Essence XXL Nail Thickener and finished it with A England The Shield Top Coat. The formula is wonderful to work with and while the polish looks very sheer after applying the first coat (hinting a ton of layering options) it reaches opacity with three coats.

The last NOTD of the week is inspired by all the wonderful Dotticures one of my favorite Bloggers regularly shows us. I used Mavala Samarkand - a vivid mid-purple - I received from one of my best friends as "saw-this-and-thought-of-you" gift (how sweet is this???) and Opi Vampire is my Buff as base for the dots. I used Mavala Samarkand and Butter London Jaffa for the dots.

Mavala Samarkand applies smooth and wonderful. I used two coats here. On my ring and middle finger I applied two medium thick coats of Opi Vampire is my Buff and added the dots with a dotting tool ordered from Pshiiit Boutique.

I cannot decide on a favorite this week - what about you?

I ordered Zoya Nix from Nail etc. and Takko Lacquer Ooh La La from Mei Mei's Signature.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Love the dotticure the most (since I LOVE those) .. The color combo is just perfect !! :)

    1. Thank you Vicky xxx!!! I really got hooked on Dotticures and will sure so them soon again :-)

  2. I love these, especially the dotticure ;)

    1. Hi Ina, I referred to you in my post, you showed so many great Dotticures that I could not resist trying them too!!! xxx

  3. Ooh La La looks soooo pretty... love the color shift! And your dotticure is really cute! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you Yun :-), Ooh La La is IRL even more spectacular - I hope we will get some sunny days - I will then try to take some more accurate photos!!! And thank you for your lovely comment on my Dotticure - Christine