Sunday, 24 February 2013

Opi Stay The Night from the Mariah Carey Collection

I had Friday off to go with M to the yearly motorbike exhibition Swiss-Moto in Zurich. While we have not seen any real invention or new development, we still had a chance to ogle beautiful bikes and catch up with other biker buddies.

One of the persisting trends in the bike industry is to keep the paint matte - I bet you see where this is leading: I wanted to wear something matte, blackish, edgy - this equals with Opi Stay The Night.

the picture above is taken in daylight, the photo below in artificial light 

I applied three thin coats of Opi Stay The Night over Essence XXL Nail Thickener. Again the application was super easy despite the miniature brush - I got myself the mini-set of the Opi Mariah Carey liquid sand polishes. 

I could not resist adding another photo showing the glimmer off perfectly. Stay the Night really looks like glowing coals when hit by the sun!!!!!!

I am still totally exited about the liquid sand polishes and seriously consider buying myself still the full bottles.....

And this is the coolest matte black bike I saw at Swiss-Moto:

And this was my favorite design:

How do you like Opi Stay the Night?

I ordered the Opi Mariah Carey Collection mini-set with Bath & Unwind, this is a UK e-seller where I usually shop for my body products from Korres and every so often a nailpolish hops into my shopping cart ;-)!!!

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. This is smokin' hot on you, sis, just like fiery coals! The red just jumps out and grabs me (and I let it, lol) :) And those bikes are pretty freakin' cool :D

    1. Thank you sis xxx!!! Stay the Night is my favorite liquid sand so far - I forgot sometimes even to look at the bikes while ogling my nails - LOL!!!

  2. I think the liquid sand polishes are very pretty! I love Stay the Night!

    1. Thank you Ina, I remeber your swatches so well, each time you showed one of them my nails were itching for them ;-)

  3. A great choice for the occassion! ;) Looks good on you pet! :D
    If I'd try any of the Liquid Sand polishes it would be this one definitely!!
    Like you say, like glowing coal! Cool!!

    1. Thank you cutie xxx!!! I think Opi have truly excelled here! What do you think of their blue liquid sand? Have a great evening lovey xxx