Thursday, 20 December 2012

Manis for busy bodies: Orly Iron Butterfly

Today I have another not really new polish for you. Orly Iron Butterfly from their Metal Chic Collection from 2009 sits at the front row in my collection when it comes to last minute manicures. Orly Iron Butterfly was the quickest out of the five polishes I showed you so far this week. All of 20 minutes were required to get this baby on to my nails and have it dried.

This is one thicker coat of Orly Iron Butterfly.  Essence XXL Nail Thickener Base Coat, no Top Coat. Matte polish is a fantastic option for quick manis. I yet have to find one that would not dry fast.

Manis for busy bodies final thoughts: If really pressed for time matte polishes are the place to go for me. Quite often they're also pretty opaque after one coat and in case I have to go with them for more than one day and the tips got shiny, I simply apply a layer of shiny top coat for day two.

What is your favorite quick mani polish?

I order my Orly polishes with Transdesign.

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