Thursday, 22 November 2012

Picture Polish Week: Electric Blue

Blue is my favourite colour for nailpolish. At least it better should be since it is the most represented in my stash. Of course I could not leave Picture Polish Electric Blue alone and had to, HAD to have it.

This is ONE coat of Picture Polish Electric Blue - amazeballs - I cannot stop staring at my nails, so glowy and deep, sigh........

It is quite possible that Picture Polish Electric Blue is a twin for Misa A Sin Worth Committing and close to Ana Hickmann Perolado New York let's have a look:

The photos of the bottles give the impression that they look close enough. And now the nails:
Pinkie and middle: Picture Blue Electric Blue
Ring: Misa A Sin Worth Committing
Pointer: Ana Hickmann Perolado New York

Electric Blue and A Sin Worth Committing are certainly close enough that you do not need to own both polishes. Formula wise they are both excellent (Electric Blue one coat, A Sin Worth Committing two coats). In the bottle it looks as if Electric Blue is a bit more a blackened bleu while in A Sin Worth Committing the Navy is still pretty visible. On the nail however I find those differences minimalistic - even I, as a blue polish hoarder would not need them both. Never mind, they both have a loving home in my Helmer ;-). Ana Hickman Perolado is more different on the nail - which was quite a surprise for me - I expected it to be a lot more similar.

You can order Picture Polish through their own website, Llarowe, Harlow & Co and Pshiit Boutique (and I am sure some more, but I am not aware of them but the ones I mentioned ship internationally).

So do you also find yourself sometimes trapped of buying the same shade repeatedly? Which polish was the last you bought and found it to look totally different once applied on the nail?

Looking forward to reading your comments!!!

Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving to those of my readers who celebrate today!!!


  1. Love Electric Blue and thanks for the comparison. I don't own Electric Blue for some reason ?!?!?!? lol !! You keep buying the same shade over and over again because you love that certain kind of shade (that's what my mom once said) I can assure you I have a lot of dupes but I just don't admit it LOL !!!

    1. Hi Vicky - thank you so much, LOL!!! You are very right. At least I am not backing-up anymore - EXCEPT for a very few chosen ones ;-)

  2. This is so gorgeous Christine! The perfect blue, not too dark, and seems to be glowing from within! It suits your skin tone very well.

    1. HI Natalia - thank you so much - this means a lot coming from you!!! - B.t.w. I could fetch some of the Catrice polishes but no display of the pretty Essence collection in near or far sight - let's hope it did not yet make it to us ;-)