Sunday, 25 November 2012

Picture Polish Week: Aphrodisiac

Last but not least please meet Picture Polish Aphrodisiac:

Isn't it gorgeous? Again the formula is a dream to work with and applied smoothly in two thin coats.

Considering the size my stash, I knew there had to be some siblings hiding out there. The first that came to my mind were Essie Sexy Divide and Risqué Psico:

Pinkie and middle: Picture Polish Aphrodisiac
Ring: Essie Sexy Divide
Pointer: Risqué  Psico

These are two coats of Picture Polish Aphrodisiac, two coats of Essie Sexy Divide and four coats of Risque Psico ( it showa and still was not opaque). 

You can order Picture Polish through their own website, Llarowe, Harlow & Co and Pshiit Boutique (and I am sure some more, but I am not aware of them but the ones I mentioned ship internationally).

So, this is the last post of my Picture Polish introduction - which one was your favourite? Do you already own any Picture Polish? If not, did I raise your curiosity to discover some for yourself?

Looking forward to reading your comments!!!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Love the PP shade !! Wow I love deep purples like that :)

    1. Hi Vicky :-) Thank you!!! I prefer this over lighter purples too

  2. Gorgeous purple shade! As dark as I like them best. I certainly am interested in this brand now!

    1. Hi Nati, Thank you :-) In case you decide to get some, I am curious to see your choices on your Blog!!!