Sunday, 18 November 2012

My NOTDs of the Week

Phew, it seems it was only yesterday that I put together a summary of the week's NOTD's!!

Finally our department stores have received the Dior Diorific collection last week. I jumped on Diva and Marilyn (that one will or should make an appearance in my next week's NOTD's).

Of course I had to start the week with Dior Diorific Diva:

These are three coats of Diorific Diva over Rescue Beauty Lounge Base Coat. To be honest, I am disappointed. With me the beautiful shimmer just refused to show in normal indoor lightning or during our overcast days. However it added luster coming from within that I found beautiful. The formula is excellent if applied in one go. If you go over the same part of your nail a second time it's colour dragging and leaves bald spots - hence the three coats. Dry time was fast though and Ciate Speed Top Coat gave it the glossy finish. And for once I can judge on durability: I just had tip wear on some of my nails due to furious typing at the office. Else the polish remained immaculate but then I hardly ever experience chipping with any nail polish.

And here a comparison picture of the Dior Diorific brush and the regular Dior brush:

I found the brush of Diorific Diva easy to work with but had some issues with holding the metal ball that's the cap - I felt I got hands like Goliath :-S

I had no time to change my polish until Thursday, so I simply tuned Diorific Diva by adding one coat of Lush Lacquer Black Friday.

I found the base of Lush Lacquer a bit thicker than with the previously tried Lush Lacquers but since this polish is so densely filled with glitter application is very easy. I just had to dab a few glitters here and there. I used Essie Good to Go (from a half empty bottle - i.e. thicker consistency) and achieved smooth surface of nails with only one coat!!!!

Last but not least here comes Picture Polish Denim:

I love their polishes so much that I don't want to use them (smack myself). Everything is perfect with this polish: colour, formula, application and even by applying Top Coat it keeps that special shine from all the shimmer particles in it. I used China Glaze Ridge Filler as Base Coat and Essie Good to Go as Top Coat.

When I prepared my morning coffee I realised that Picture Polish Denim is nearly the same colour as my favourite Nespresso coffee

And then I went on to practise accent nails (not all that bad but I feel I still have lots and lots of room to improve)

I bought Diorific Diva at a local department store. Lush Lacquer can be ordered with Llarowe and Harlow & Co. Picture Polish can be ordered with Llarowe, Harlow & Co and Pshiiit Boutique.

Do you also amp-up your mani when you have no time to change it completely?

I look forward to reading your comments!!!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Gorgeous manis !! I haven't bought any Diorific, saw them at the Dior counter the other days, didn't appeal to me that much !!

    1. Thank you Vicky<3!!! Those were the only two that took me in, let's see how I will like the red on me.... ;-)

  2. Hi Christine!WOW you got the diorific, I passed on them last week because of the price tag and them being not that special. In fact the only cute thing is the bottle. And can't spend 40 bucks because of the bottle!
    Of course I "revamp" my manis, glittery topcoat, french tip (eventually covering tip wear, lol, sticker, etc
    I love your accent nails! very pretty!

    1. Hi Natalia, I only splurged on them because I had a discount on them!!! Else I agree the price tag is steep - ugh!!! I have not yet dared to try French Tips, but I bought the stripes for it though already ;-). And thanks for the uplifting comment on my accent nails!!!!!!

  3. This Dior is a stunning!!! The fat bottle is unbelievable cute! And I loved the polish too. And the Picture Polish is really Denin colour, I don´t have any, are they good? Good polish week for you!! Beijos

    1. Thank you love <3!!!! I hope it will be with you soon ;-) Picture Polish are AWESOME!!! I have Picture Polish Theme this week :-))))!!!! The same to you Irmā - Küsschen <3

  4. If you had to choose between Diorific Diva and Marilyn which one do you like better. I only have it in me to get one. And while I like dark colours with shimmer I get disappointed when it's only visible outdoors.

    1. Hi Kas - that's easy it would be Marilyn. I am wearing it right now, hands down this is one of the most beautiful reds I own and I have a drawer full of them. Oh I totally agree regarding the shimmer. I already found a loving new home for Diva.