Monday, 26 November 2012

Ana Hickmann Pinot Blue and Nail Pattern Boldness Hades

 This is already the last week of November - the last week before we get swamped with Holiday preparations, Holiday dinners, Holiday shopping-frenzy - it's just plain autumn. I wanted to devote this week to some awesome autumn-fitting nail polish colours before heading into suggestions for festive manis, best of recollections and so on.

Let's start this week with a Brazilian nail polish: please meet Ana Hickmann Pinot Blue. This is one of those colours that I love the wear year-round but then I don't wear season specific colours in general. It is a gorgeous dusty navy blue -  Oh my I really should type something about this polish instead of staring at my nails ;-).  Well let's just get on to the picture:

These are two effortless coats of Ana Hickmann Pinot Blue over Essence XXL Nail Thickener. The formula is perfect, the polish nearly glides on the nail all by itself, it spreads evenly and dries very fast.

I regularly stalk Llarowe's Website since they offer many of my most coveted Indie Brands. One of the sections I so far never found stocked was Mystery Grab Bag. You get three polishes or polish related products for 20 Dollars. I was so happy to finally grab one since I just LOVE surprise buys!!!

One of the three polishes I got is Nail Pattern Boldness Hades. To be honest, I never considered buying it - HA how wrong could I possibly be - just have a look at this glitter packed blackened polish:

I applied one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Hades over Ana Hickmann Pinot Blue. It is so packed with glitter that I just had to dab on one piece of glitter on one finger - make this the huge black hex glitter on my pinkie - of all the nails it could have decided to sit on, it of course it got to be the smallest ;-) 

The glitter lay nice and flat on the nail and one generous coat of Ciate Speed Coat was all it needed for a smooth surface.

I got Ana Hickmann Pinot Blue in my epic nail mail from my Brazilian friend - thank you so much for this year-round gorgeousness <3. Nail Pattern Boldness Hades was part of my Mystery Grab Bag I ordered from Llarowe.

Have you tried any Mystery Grab Bags? And if so - what were the gems found in yours?

I look forward to reading your comments!!!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Hi Christine! What a beautiful shade of blue you're posting, I also like it with the glitter on top but somehow I prefer it alone.
    I do use colours according to seasons! Not all the time, but mainly (I'm a freak I know).
    Would you believe I don't own one single indie polish?

    1. Hi Nati, Thank you :-)- on its own Pinot Blue has a really sleek look!!! No, of course you are no freak, I just love to learn about all those preferences of other nailpolish lovers. I feel like a freak myself when I go murky green in July ;-) And maybe all those wonderful posts out there can convince you to try an Indie? My first ones were Cirque