Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Naild'it Candy Wrapper

Lately I became addicted to multi coloured glitter in a milky base. When I saw Naild'it Candy Wrapper with Llarowe I knew it had to be mine. The milky white base is filled with multi coloured and shaped Glitter though no Bar Glitter (which I am not particularly fond of). The dominant colour in the glitter is lilac but there is plenty of blue, green, yellow and red glitter floating around as well.

The formula is thickly though not very well pigmented. I had no issues in getting just the right amount of glitter on my nails without dabbing or shoving them around. They did not clot and laid nicely and flat on the nail. I used it on its own applying thin coats as even as possible over Illamasqua's Base Coat followed by a thick layer of Essie Good to Go Top Coat. And since I have a knack for matte glitter and the surface of my nails were still somewhat bumpy (due to the dense glitter) I threw on another layer of Essie Matte About You Top Coat.

Indoors, daylight

Outdoors, shade:

I loved how girly and delicate the outcome was. Please apologise the rather sloppy application. It was rather late when I did this mani and my eyes were runny from my cold. Removal is very easy when done via the foil method. I never use acetone based polish remover though. This simply means that one has to leave the foils some more minutes on your nails to thoroughly soak the polish. I leave mine on for 10 minutes and have hardly any residue left.

I bought Naild'it Candy Wrapper with Llarowe, they ship internationally at decent shipping rates.

Do you like multi coloured glitters in milky base polishes? If so, do you have any and if so which ones? I am looking forward to reading your preferences in the comments!!!

Thanks for reading!!

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