Saturday, 20 October 2012

Enchanted Polish Bonjour Paris

Now I don't know what Enchanted Polish do to their polish but whenever I try one it leaves me stunned.

But let's start with the base colour: Nails Inc Belgrave Place. An incredibly clear blurple cream that covers in one coat if not applied too thinly. Application is one easy breeze and it dries very quick. If I wear it by itself I apply 2 coats though.

Now if you think liquid colour, Bonjour Paris would represent blurple. While it has all this incredible fine glitter floating in blue, purple and pink over your nails when looked up close, t appears like drops of liquid colour from afar. You can see the glitters in the bottle and that liquid look on my nails:

Indoors daylight:

Indoors artificial light:

Outdoors in the sun:

This is 2 coats over Nails Inc Belgrave Place. Application is very easy, dry time fast but man, it's a top coat eater. I needed 2 generous coats of Butter London Hardwear to get a smooth surface.

Enchanted Polish Bonjour Paris can be ordered through Llarowe and Harlow & Co. Usually they sell out within the shortest of time, so in case you are interested in getting your pretty claws on some Enchanted Polish register for the Newsletter of either seller to be notified of their re-stock dates and times. Harlow & Co will re-stock Enchanted Polish today at 18:00 h CET!! I will certainly have a look at them ;-)

So, do you like Bonjour Paris? Do you own any Enchanted Polish? I am eager to read your comments on this!!!

Thanks for reading!

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