Saturday, 22 September 2012

Some random NOTD of the last couple of weeks:

Cirque Epoch. This was 2 Coats. I love the duochrome color shift in this one. But while there are many of you out there who like the scented polishes - it is not for me:

and this is lovely Colorama Horizonte Azul, a 3-free brand from Brazil that I got from my amazing friend Priscille (among so many other gems). In the below picture I wear 2 Coats. While the formula is on the thin side, it is easy to apply, no cuticle flooding and the second Coat evened out any blotchy spots:

A England Lady of Shalott. The nail polish Blogger World is full of wonderful posts on this one, so mine is sweet and short. Wonderful blackened polish infused with blue and purple glimmer. Honestly, I hardly saw a photo doing this any justice - mine is no exception. This is 2 Coats. As usual Adina's polishes apply and wear like a dream. Much to my delight the removal as well was a breeze.

Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker (1 coat over Illamasqua Monogamous).  Last but not least a long-time lemming of mine. I have stalked Llarowe's website like FOREVER to snatch up a bottle of it. And I am in love with it. Application was sooo easy and I hardly needed to add any glitter by dabbing - all of them floated just onto my nails - with exception of the red square glitter. That one sits firmly in my bottle and shows no interest in moving from there ;-). Still I love the outcome.

And for Illamasqua Monogamous. Worn on its own with no topcoat it looks a lot like Band Aid in my childhood. Therefore it still has not really grown on me. But I love it as base for sheer or semi-sheer colors, when I want the sheerness to show but not what my nail looks like underneath.

So what do you think of this spam?  It is a true spam, no coordination whatsoever except that those were my NOTDS for a week. I love to hear your comments - thanks for reading!!


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