Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Welcome and Swiss National Holiday Mani

Hi everybody,

Welcome to my Nail Polish Blog. Not that there would be any lack of Nail Polish Blogs out there - and so many of them are just beyond perfect!!!  Meanwhile I have accumulated a decent amount of pictures - not to mention my stash - I hope you will enjoy my contributions!

1 August is Swiss National Holiday. I am incapable of Nail Art, therefore this skittle has to do. I choose
- Illamasqua Ruthless
- Rescue Beauty Lounge Bella
- I dabbed China Glaze Techno on my middle finger
- I put Illamasqua Untold on my pinkie

From left: Rescue Beauty Lounge Bella, Illamasqua Ruthless, Illamasqua Untold, China Glaze Techno

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