Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day with Colors by Llarowe Bless Your Wicked Little Heart

Oh how I would have wished to be able to show some holos today. But alas, the sun and I are playing hide and seek, whenever I would have time to do some swatches the sky is overcast and grey and visa versa, whenever I am confined at the office the sun shines blindingly bright outside. I am afraid, you will be dragged through quite a number of posts of holo polishes this spring... Rewind to Valentine's Day.

I became a near instant addict to Colors by Llarowe with the first polishes popping up on Llarowe shop. Ever since, this is one of the few occasions were I was willing to spend a fair amount of time trying to place pre-orders or orders - but this is the past, the new website of Llarowe is absolutely awesome - great job, by the way!!! I managed to haul the Valentine Collection with patience and determination. For today I just took one glance at our grey sky and decided on donning Bless Your Wicked Little Heart, a dark, vampy red jelly filled with red shimmer particles. And no, I could not bring that red sparkle to the front, no amount of Finger-Yoga would make those glints pop - AAAARGH!!! At least there is enough sights of the bottle which shows what the sparkle looked like.

I applied two easy coats of Bless Your Wicked Little Heart over my regular Base Coat. The formula was really easy to work with, I have to admit though that I like my jellies a tad thicker to control the paint job and to get an even first coat on my nails. Dry time was fast and left the surface of my nails slightly gritty. I applied one thick coat of Glitter Gal Gloss Boss right after application and had to add another layer this morning as Bless Your Wicked Little Heart ate away some overnight.

Final thoughts: a classic little Valentine's number that looks perfect in candle light! No, I am not going to a candle light dinner, just my regular Friday evening out with friends, but it is still nice to have a little Valentine's thingy just for me only :-). What I like best about Valentine's Day and its preceding days? All the lovely Valentine's Day nail polish and the beautiful nail art I get to see on other Blogs and on Instagram!

What are you wearing on your nails today?

I order Colors by Llarowe with Llarowe and since a couple of weeks they are also available with Harlow & Co.!

Thanks for visiting and happy Friday!!!


  1. That is a good red! I have on CbL Orchids Are Better Than Roses Any Day. I don't like pink much but it is better than pink, radiant orchid? :D I also got The Sweetest Thing, I believe both are the V Day collection....

    1. Thank you sweetie <3! I got OABTRAD too and I find it a beautiful in-between pink and purple - I also have the Sweetest Thing though haven't tried it yet…

  2. Such a lovely red!!
    I think I should start getting at least some Colors by Llarowe! You've showed so many pretty ones!

    1. Thank you hon - oh there are some holos there - and micro glitters - and…. I just cannot get enough of CbL's. :-)