Friday, 18 October 2013

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - United in Pink: Picture Polish Shocked

Another "exotic" brand that simply cannot be left out is Australian based Picture Polish. I think most of us know their signature Collaboration Lines created with nail polish bloggers from around the world. They are first released on Limited Edition basis and based on demand many of them make it into the regular stock.  Their range go from creams to metallics to scattered holos, glitter, flakies.

To represent Picture Polish I choose Shocked - a pink jelly filled with scattered holo. Firstly it is to pay tribute to the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and show pink nails in October (ehem this is only the first I managed to post) - and as with any cancer - early diagnosis (read regular checks) remains core in treating this deadly disease - I work in Oncology Development, I am supposed to know ;-)!

Shocked is in my eyes an epitome of Picture Polish: a wonderful example of their collaboration with Bloggers AND their masterpiece: a jelly filled with scattered holo. This particular gem was created in collaboration with Shatter Me Claire.

I applied three coats of Picture Polish Shocked over Essence Hardening Nail Base to get the most out of the holo sparkle. The formula is wonderful to apply - Picture Polish really mastered the art of jelly polishes holding all those scattered holo particles.

Final thoughts: OK, I am a real, true Picture Polish fan and I love their wide range of colors and finishes. And of course I remember to the day which was my first ever Picture Polish: White Wedding - the Collaboration shade created with Leah Ann from Llarowe - le sigh - it is still my favorite white (ugh a picture from my early blogger days - so sorry for the messy middle finger):

I buy my Picture Polishes with
Harlow & Co
Pshiiit Boutique

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  1. What a beautiful pink!! I love it when a jelly looks squishy and super shiny at the same time. Just gorgeous. <3

    1. Thank you dear Melissa - la queen of the jellies - I was sure you would like Shocked ;-)

  2. Some day I hope to be able to feast my eyes upon your amazing stash, sis. Your taste is impeccable. Both these are just lovely.

    1. Hi sis - hahaha visa-versa - I probably would topple over yours too!!!! Well who knows, there is always Skype ;-) - thank you so much <3

  3. I still have to get White Wedding that looks gorgeous but I do have Shocked which is so beautiful! I love it on you Christine!!

    1. Hi Ina, I remember your post of Shocked - I think this triggered my ordering it ;-) - thank you hon xxx!!! White Wedding is awesome in nearly every aspect - just the formula needs a drop of two of thinner, but then this is no real issue, isn't it? <3