Sunday, 15 September 2013

My NOTD's of the week Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of my NOTD's of the week - though this will only be about one polish but about a ton of pictures. This is all about Colors by Llarowe Dirty Diana. I am not familiar with Michael Jackson beyond the songs that were forever in the charts and had to learn that Dirty Diana is a song from his album Bad. I was SOOO lucky to get a bottle (and then another one) during the last Colors by Llarowe launch!!! And now on to pictures, pictures, pictures:

 all of the above pictures are taken in artificial light, the below photo indoors in daylight

and lastly some pictures taken in the sun

look from a distance

You still there? Thank you for bearing with me through this wad of photos but while I deleted a fair share, I couldn't bring myself to delete any further - LOL!!!

I applied two effortless coats of Dirty Diana over my regular base coat Essence XXL Nail Thickener, normal dry time. The first three pictures in artificial light show Dirty Diana without Top Coat all other with Essence Better Than Gel Nail Fast Dry Top Sealer. And as all the pictures prove: no diminishing of the holo effect!!! In contrary, it covered the slightly flat look of Dirty Diana perfectly.

Final thoughts: very simple: any purple holo lover out there needs this!!!!

I ordered Colors by Llarowe Dirty Diana (of course) with Llarowe.

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Oh Christine, it looks so awesome on you! I can't stop staring at my nails, it really is a stunner. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    It also wears so well. It perfectly survived to all my cleaning, cooking and baking this weekend, without any tip wear.
    I love it. Bisous ma biche, xx

    1. Well we did a great job here and nearly managed a twinsy post - Dirty Diana is such a fantastic polish to wear!!!! And I agree, the quality was just stunning, I also did not experience any tip wear or chipping or any other damage while I had it on my nails. I am ever so glad I accidentally ordered a second bottle of this beauty and that it sits in your crib now :-)!!! Bisous ma belle xxx

  2. Dirty Diana looks awesome on both of your nails, Christine and Nati. Love the color.

    1. Merci vielmol :-)!!! I find it particularly striking how well it looks on both Nati and me despite our different skin tones - this is what makes a polish a true stand-out!!!

  3. Gorgeous. And don't apologize for including so many beautiful photos. Come them coming!

  4. This is super amazing. I would like a CbL one day...preferably sooner than later, LOL. You did a great job capturing all the holo goodness. <3