Sunday, 28 July 2013

My NOTDs of the week

Since about two weeks we experience some major warmth in Switzerland - on Saturday the temperatures in Basel were up to 36 degrees Celsius (equals 96 degrees Fahrenheit). AC's are found in supermarkets, some offices, view living spaces, a couple of trams. The rest of the places are sweltering hot (like my apartment). Every year, I forget what heat does to nailpolish - nailpolish is like me - preferring cooler temperatures, so we had to make some adjustments.

One of the best behaving polishes is Revlon Royal - I applied it for my first mani of the week. I used it as base color for Darling Diva Dangerous Driver (another excellent performer):

The above picture is taken indoors in daylight, the below photo outdoors in the sun

I applied one coat of Darling Diva Dangerous Driver over two coats of Revlon Royal. Dangerous Driver is a dream to apply - the consistency is just perfect and it glides evenly and smoothly onto the nail without it being runny or pooling. The scattered holo gleams mostly in green, teal and red and lights up the nail with every move of the hand. Revlon Royal was equally perfect in application. And it literally dried in minutes!!! Bonus: no staining upon removal :-D!!!

And I have yet another Color Club holo: this is Miss Bliss (I let the pictures do the talking for this one)

The above two pictures show Miss Bliss in artificial light, the one right beneath outside in the shade and the bottom one in my office. Now I checked Google - many of the swatches of Miss Bliss show a very different look - more copper, orange and even brown in the rainbows. Well mine did not do that - in any lighting - IRL. Maybe I got a bottle from a later batch of polishes? Who knows - Anyhow - a lovely warm pink holo with a very strong linear holo. This is most certainly enough for me to be all over the moon about Miss Bliss.

I applied two coats of Color Club Miss Bliss. What a great slap and go polish. Bonus: excellent wear for a holo - I only had minor tipwear after two days :-D!!!

I finished the week with another of my beloved Contrary Polishes - this is Blood Orange from their Color Context Collection. This is always a tough decision for me (ja, ja nailpolishaddicts do have to live through some hard moments :-P) should I do an individual review of a polish or wear it for a couple of days and then have just a paragraph in my NOTDs? Since I have already done a review of Greenhouse and Indigo Rose will follow shortly, I really wanted to have at least one of the three on my nails for some days.

I applied three coats of Contrary Polish Blood Orange over Zoya Anchor Base Coat. The application is - as I got used to by Contrary Polish - smooth and even. However, if you have too little polish on your brush you might end up with patchy blotches but they are evened out with the second coat. I went for three because I wanted to have maximum shimmer ;-P!!! Bonus: no smudged fingers upon removal!!! In my opinion the color of the blood orange juice is perfectly captured in the deep and saturated base. Blood Orange is infused with golden shimmer that adds a wonderful glow to it (see how this beautiful soup shifts it's color in the bottle? Really just like the juice of a freshly pressed Blood Orange).

Anything that jumps at you from my NOTDs of the week?

I bought the above polishes from the following sources:
Darling Diva Dangerous Driver and Contrary Polish Blood Orange - Llarowe
Revlon Royal - Manor
Color Club Miss Bliss - Head2Toe

I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Hi pet! I'm jumping of joy because of the first manicure!! :D I call it Royal Diva ;) It's stunning! What a great combo!!! I really must dig out my Fantasy Fire!! The others were gorgeous too of course! You have such great taste in polishes my friend! Viele Küsschen!!! xxx

    1. Hi doll, awww you are one of the choosen ones to own Fantasy Fire!!!! I have another Darling Diva in my stash that is probably a closer copy of Fantasy Fire. I was sure you would love that first mani best ;-)!!! Thank you for your sweet comment - well, this taste got groomed and tended by someone very special (wink-wink and thank you). I hope you had a lovely Sunday - viele Küsschen xxx

  2. That Darling Diva is so stunning! I love the other ones too :)