Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Let's go Blue: Enchanted Polish Bruised Nutcracker

I don't know what it is with me and Enchanted Polish, but this was (along with Hare Polish) the first two Indie Brands I tried ever and - guess what - I got enchanted ;-)

Along with the re-releases of Austin Powers and Ballerina Sprinkle I also snagged Enchanted Polish Bruised Nutcracker from their Ho Ho Holoday Collection

Again the formula is perfection, not too thin or thick, perfect amount of polish on the brush (you guys already do eye-rolls?)  - in short I love my Enchanted Polishes.... These are two coats over Fnug Aqua Base Coat and no top coat. And just because I love this polish so much - two more photos:

Do you have a favourite blue holo polish? If so - what is it?
I ordered Enchanted Polish Bruised Nutcracker with Pshiiit Boutique .
I look forward to reading your comments - thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Gorgeous! Blue holos are truly something special. I have one blue holo from an indie maker called Polished Components. She patterned it after DS Glamour (which I haven't given up hope on ever owning just yet ;)). It hasn't been for sale since I saw it last spring, so I'm glad I jumped on that while I could.

    1. Hi Liesl - thank you love!!! Oh yes, I can think of a couple of more gorgeous blue holos too ;-)!! DS Glamour is an outstanding polish I totally agree - sigh, there will always be those that stay out of our reach ;-) side note: I read your comment over at I Heart Pretty Polish - did you try Ludurana Duo chromes? Llarowe has them on stock - I have been putting them in and out of my basket repeatedly ;-)

  2. This is beautiful! You have so many unique polishes. Your collection would be fun to look at:)

    1. Hi Essie - oh thank you (blushing, blushing) - hmmm could do some posts of my stash - thank you for the inspiration xxx